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Paris to Tokyo bound, back in September, tucked in a seat with a glass of wine and puffy eyes and legs. Feeling tired and desperately wanting to watch a good film. The perfect one for a long plane ride… Anyway,  Browse and browse…  and, Bingo!  “I am love!”  ” Tilda!”  I only had read two lines of review and saw couple screen shots a while ago. The title always stayed in my head though. It’s such a luxury now to even think of going to the cinema to watch films. I mean I am way too busy. I got no time. So, plane ride is always a chance to make up on a few for me.

The first few scenes of Milano beautifully covered in quiet snow starts the film with wonderful John Adams’ score. I feel a slap on my face, an almost pleasant wake up call. I sit up.  I am really getting ready to watch this. I knew this would be going to be different from anything else. I believe Admas’ genius scores are one big part for this film to stay in it’s particular invisible boundary of bit peculiar and almost bit strange modern vibe regardless of its exact time setting ( I believe it’s the turn of the Millennium ), the classic wardrobe ( Jill Sander and Fendi) and the home of Haute Bourgeoisie of Recchi family almost gives a mid century vibe. There’s lightness and this beautiful beautiful  light in this film for the whole time which I envy and completely felt in love with.  And John Adams sure does his part  to that. Kudo to the director of this film Luca Guadagnino to pull it all together in such an artistic way and Yorick Le Saux ‘s magnificent Cinematography to die for.  There’s a soft and free spirit of 70′s eyes to see the light in this film. It’s beautiful and organic.

There’s a huge influence of Michellangelo Antonioni’s Film-Making is in Io Sono Amore: The artful balance of Cutting and Intense camera work that patiently documenting little details around and within.  Tilda Swinton shines with her powerful acting. She speaks so much in her silence. There’s sea of her emotion in her every little move. Her eyes pours all out.

Here I have a few of my favorite scenes from Io Sono Amore.


























There are so much coming beyond this point. I didn’t finish the film on a way to Tokyo, so we got it through Netfilx.  I highly recommend you to also watch the Director Luca and Tilda’s “Commentary ” on the special bonus track.

It’s a great new classic to learn what Cinema could do and can do.










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2 Comments so far

  1. Rosita Kèss on November 7, 2010 4:11 pm

    Thank-you for sharing this! So interesting. I tried to find a movie theatre to see “I am love” here in New Orleans. They are showing this movie in a couple of theatres at noon. Noon??? Do people go to see movie at NOON here??? Crazy! I ll rent a dvd!
    I guess movies for the day…The blues for the nights… mah!

    :) Love to you.


  2. jaehee on November 10, 2010 4:16 am

    How are you?
    Io sono Amore could be actually a good film to watch at noon..! Because of so much natural light that is in the film, when you get out of the theater, it could be a nice continuation into a day journey.
    The film is in Italian with english Sub title.
    I got it though Netflix and it is one my all time favorite now. VIVA New Orleans!!