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Raining yet also quite warm, Paris is always Paris. Beautiful as it is as always and  actually bit of rain adds bit more of misty charm to our walk along all those little streets branched out like telescopic images of crumbled sweet Pralines… I quite enjoy this rain. The fashion week just had started for Paris and you can feel the city is getting slowly filled with fashion peeps (Leather is Huge from the street to store level) and I’m in Paris for research with colleagues at Gap. Fashion is all good but you need to eat too! So you have energy to keep fashioning!  We are in charming St. Germaine and dying for some quiet sit down time and simple and good food to fight the fatigue from late night emailing and Jet lag. So we stop at Laduree on Bonaparte.

IMG_0361I have always walked by this location ( on rue Bonaparte) of Laduree but somehow I never walked in. And I did not know not only you can buy those sumptuous Laduree’s Macaroons but also you can have these beautiful meals and decadent dessert in charming and nostalgic setting that I can only guess it would have been in 50′s Hong Kong somewhere… (Somehow the ambiance feels bit of that beautiful movie: Mood for Love, but only in very Parisian way and brighter). Lucky we are!  Having the lunch at 3:00 pm, it was easy to get the table (right before the rush hour of  tea time)!!

IMG_0364Love the frescos on the wall and faux palm polls. The big windows and natural lighting gives you a big break in the middle of Paris like we are away  for a vacation or something…  I was bit envious of this corner seating the whole time. It felt very intimate and romantic regardless two teen boys sitting together.


IMG_0372A entrance to the Laduree shop full of stationary, perfume, teas…


IMG_0365The Menu.

IMG_0366We all got beautiful salads. I got “Salade Concorde” and it was just perfectly seasoned and delicious. You can totally feel the great quality of Sea Salt brining all the flavors together and slight touch of mustard there but not too creamy or heavy. Sliced fresh cucumber wraps function as a little bowl for fresh baby spinach and delicious chicken fillet.


IMG_0381It is so fresh and delicious with packed flavor!

IMG_0386Cynthia had ordered hearty and comforting Laduree’s french fries. Yum..!

IMG_03832 best things in Paris: Bread and Butter. And here’s Laduree’s Butter. Cute ha?


IMG_0390Cafe ole for everyone. How nicely they serve it here! I mean quality is important but also the presentation definitely does it.


IMG_0394Pink off the green against the dark burgundy wooden table is quite nice. And the soft beige of cafe ole!

IMG_0396Dessert Arrived! Rose water custard with fresh raspberry and rose water cream and vanilla cream crispy puff. Sooooo good!


IMG_0399Felix’s beautiful fig cake. Isn’t the color just amazing? When you eat hearty, your eyes also experience hearty colors. Rich in hues and tones. Also each texture carries it’s own color. It’s a “WHOLE” experience.



It’s a great way to feel the Autumn in Paris. Rich burgundy colored Fig cake and drizzling rain over the trench coats on Parisians….






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