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I’m So torn that I am NOT going to go see this piece,  “The Deer House” at BAM ( premiers on October 5).  I’ll be out of the town… for the entire period while this piece is showing. The Next Wave Festival every year at BAM always brings something intriguing.  And for this year,  ” The Deer House” will be that intriguing piece to me.  By the way Vollmondo ( Full Moon) , the modern dance piece by Pina Bausch ( with all my respect for her) also looks quite amazing.  The short clip of the Deer House shows already enough of intensity of this piece in great amount of mad beautiful costumes very much inspired by Matthew Barney’s works ( actually maybe TOO much inspired and not sophisticated enough as Barney’s that is disappointing in a way I have to say).  I would love to go see this show so I can properly review the piece but anyhow seeing it from the video clip and reading what is all about, it sounds quite interesting. So if anyone of you go see it, drop me an e-mail like you always do.

Here I collected a few of what main inspiration of the Deer House may have come from (apart from the story) :  watch Matthew Barney’s  cremaster .  And below a few pic of Matthew Barney’s work. I mean how much he had inspired this world we all live in. Genius!








“A lot of my work has to do with not allowing my characters to have an ego in a way that the stomach doesn’t have an ego when it’s wanting to throw up. It just does it.”

– Matthew Barney.

Matthew Barney Cremaster 3



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