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I’m So torn that I am NOT going to go see this piece,  “The Deer House” at BAM ( premiers on October 5).  I’ll be out of the town… for the entire period while this piece is showing. The Next Wave Festival every year at BAM always brings something intriguing.  And for this year,  ” The Deer House” will be that intriguing piece to me.  By the way Vollmondo ( Full Moon) , the modern dance piece by Pina Bausch ( with all my respect for her) also looks quite amazing.  The short clip of the Deer House shows already enough of intensity of this piece in great amount of mad beautiful costumes very much inspired by Matthew Barney’s works ( actually maybe TOO much inspired and not sophisticated enough as Barney’s that is disappointing in a way I have to say).  I would love to go see this show so I can properly review the piece but anyhow seeing it from the video clip and reading what is all about, it sounds quite interesting. So if anyone of you go see it, drop me an e-mail like you always do.

Here I collected a few of what main inspiration of the Deer House may have come from (apart from the story) :  watch Matthew Barney’s  cremaster .  And below a few pic of Matthew Barney’s work. I mean how much he had inspired this world we all live in. Genius!








“A lot of my work has to do with not allowing my characters to have an ego in a way that the stomach doesn’t have an ego when it’s wanting to throw up. It just does it.”

– Matthew Barney.

Matthew Barney Cremaster 3



Today at Fort Greene Flea, We totally scored 11 of these loose doll eyes. How freaking awesome!!

Head starts moving heart starts pumping. Wooooo Feeling Sssso itch to have some D.I.Y time with these cool eyes. Yes they blink and all. The best part of it!

Thought of a ring. Thought of a Necklace. Thought of an abstract collage painting sort of thing. Thought of a pin. Thought of a tee shirt. Thought of so many possibilities.

I’ll definitely share a pic of whatever that will be done with these lovely eyes!

My friend Tania posted this on Face book and I like to share this with you. Crazy!

IMG_0242Above and Below photos: Alexander Calder The Arch, 1975, Storm King Art Center

IMG_0202Emi has been talking about us visiting Storm King Art Center for a while now and We finally did during this gorgeous 3 day Labor day weekend. ( Thank you for the most amazing weather!) About little over one hour car ride from NYC , Storm King Art center is located on beautiful Hudson Valley  of New York State.  Impressive 500 acre of this artsy land is masterfully landscaped with the most natural nature in mind and proudly showcases more than 100 prominent larger than life scale sculptures of Serra, Carder, Noguchi, Goldsworthy and other numerous artists from 1960s to now including a few sight specific master pieces as Noguchi’s MomoTaro and Goldsworthy’s Storm King Wall.  The park is sectioned ( if you ever notice it) by main 4 areas : North Woods, Museum Hill, Meadows and South Fields, and I just can see how this park will turn into a each seasonal beauty and can’t wait to come back for the peak of Autumn and for the park that’s beautifully covered by snow in winter. There are little lakes, amazingly open and free beautiful meadows and hill top of Museum site is just breathtaking and also serene.  We felt in love with Storm King Art Center and are supporting this amazing park by having become members of the Art Center: We got a family membership for all 3 of us at only $50.00 for an entire year. Unlimited visits throughout the year, invitations to special events and specially guided 1 winter tour and other benefits… ( I highly recommend it!)

Here Enjoy a few pics out of over 100 post-Word War II sculptures. Here’s my favorite quote from the center’s walking guide: “At Storm King, exhibition space is defined by earth and sky”. And it is exactly what it is.








IMG_0216From the top: Beautiful old Cattle farm time then passage roads, Nevelson, Mark di Suvero, Richard Serra, Alexander Liberman.

IMG_0154Here’s the Museum/visitor center of the Art center. The house was built back in 1955. The first floor has a small book shop and the ground floor main room with a beautiful view to the outside park rotates and runs various exhibitions throughout the year.

IMG_0157Totally true…!


IMG_0158The model of the Art center at Museum in the main room on the ground floor.




IMG_0137Calder’s Five Swords. 1976. The model, a pic from the one of passed winter and this weekend. By the way check out my past blog about Calder.

IMG_0120A view outside of the museum. These columns are Not sculptures actually. These were found and saved by the founder of the Art Center.


And then, there is Andy Goldsworthy. One of our favorite artist who explores and works with Nature in most clever and respectful way. We have been following him over 10 years now (thanks to Miriam then my big boss).  I remember going to see ” Rivers and Tides”, a documentary film of Andy Goldsworthy’s work and life came out then. I think it was at IFC film center… AMAZING….  Anyway the letter above is the letter from Goldsworthy writing about his possibility of work, “Storm King Wall” the famous site specific project and love for the Art center ( 1995).

Check out some Youtube clips of Storm King Wall and his other works. There are millions of Clips of his work on youtube. And you must Check out Goldsworthy’s film, ” Rivers and Tides”


IMG_0129Ursula Von Rydingsvard’s wood sculpture right outside the museum. Quite intriguing.


IMG_0143The Viewing Scope by Alison Shotz. Right by the Museum. I find this scope extremely beautiful. Cold to touch, sleek, feels much high tech yet somehow this scope carries futuristic serenity. Love it!





IMG_0207Grace Knowlton, Spheres. Awesome.


3 of us on a tram: you can get an initial overview of the center by choosing to get on this free tram. I thought this was a relaxing way to start the park and get to see some of main pieces with short yet efficient guide.  Then you can walk around and get lost, take pics, hike, take a nap or do whatever you wish to do.  You can also rent bicycles here. Don’t forget you have 500 acres to cover!

I only shared a fraction of what you can see and feel here. It’s a truly amazing place. Go and go back again and again and again…!

lOve Art.!!


Vogue, the September issue.

Personally and symbolically, the September issue of Vogue has been a really good inspiration for me from many different angles: re birth of 50′s ( in a very good way, Thanks to Prada and Louise Vuitton) and never ending effort and searches of progressive fashion designers of Futurism ( I mean.. look at all those towering height and architectural behavior of all those shoes, my jaw drops here)  ARE clearly much better and ahead than many actual architecture outcomes out there. The prototypes of ourselves in modern life in the Future or any sort of thing, I like them all and find them extremely important and interesting.  Despite of all of these goodness, my absolute favorite spread out of the entire issue was ” Monsters, Inc” : the amazing 8 page colorful creativity of artist NICK CAVE’s Sound Suits outshine any fancy bags and shoes including $2595.00 Marc Jacob’s mink Pom Pom Bag.

Chicago based Artist , Nick Cave has been running a Traveling exhibition, “Meet me at the Center of the Earth”  since early this year at Fowler Museum, UCLA( ended on May 10th). The presentation consisted of 35 of his sound suits, which are sculptures made by multi-layered mixed-media and are named for the sounds they create when worn. Influenced by African and Caribbean rituals as well as haute couture, Cave’s work explores the ideas of transformation, myth and identity. BRILLIANT!  I so wish I saw the performance of Sound Suits in person….! And thank you Vogue for Amazing collaboration!