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IMG_0220After the tour of Tania’s home, visit her chicks and walk the garden, Now we are heading out to do some good walking and chatting along the fresh river, farm meadow and secret little spots that Tania will lead us.  Here we start from a little yet long river near her home.

IMG_0140The scenery along the river looks somehow like posed props arranged by a painter. Everything seems at it’s perfect own spot. Beautiful….!



IMG_0166The one and  only pub in Freshford town. Serves Beers and other drinks. Of course sunday roast and Fish and chips as well. The pub is located above the river that runs through the whole town. Outdoor tables and wooden deck is peaceful and lovely. Duckies…


IMG_0175Freshford is a village and civil parish in the Avon valley 6 miles south east of Bath, in the county of Somerset, England. It’s pretty much located about 2 hour train ride from south west of London. Freshford is in the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB): an area of countryside considered to have significant landscape value in England, Wales or Northern Ireland that has been specially designated by Countryside Agency on behalf or the United Kingdom government.  Freshford is a wealthy yet low key community who cares about their home and land with great pride to keep up the town to be one of the most beautiful countryside in England and you can definitely feel that spirit just by taking a walk around this beautiful town.

IMG_0204Actually the town greatly reminds me of the hills of Tuscany. Never ending smooth blanket like meadow gently covers the mother land just like the curve of a beautiful woman and the rustic yet warm yellow tone of limestone houses are truly the beauty that you can’t easily find. Some houses even sports the signature tree of Italy, Cyprus and the whole scene of Freshford somewhat doesn’t come as a stranger to me.



IMG_0207Every turn is a beauty and the peace! Just 3 of us walking through along the little roads, trees, stones and cows and all….




IMG_0180Picking off plums falling from the tree. Emi gave a good shake to the tree and we are running after them! So sweet and juicy. We picked enough to make a jam out of them.






3 hours of trail mixing in Freshford with Tania. It was a relaxing and beautiful one!


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