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IMG_0315A cute little town built on Steep hills with much characteristic cobble stone streets Frome (read frum) is actually the 4th largest town in Somerset where there are many artists and interesting small boutiques including speak easy style vintage shops attracting many visitors from surrounding like Bath and Bristol. Just the evening before the Frome, we had visited quite famous Roman Bath town, Bath but Frome is the town where my heart really lays. Unpretentious and less touristic vibe really captured my heart.

IMG_0316Little streets along the hills houses small bakeries, vintage shops and diverse local businesses. I liked many places but the favorite would be the “Black Swan Galley” on the bottom of the hills. Below, the gallery from the outside.



IMG_0355Vibrant and funky stair case to the exhibition of Ralph Steadman and Keith Newstead on the second floor of the gallery:  a collaboration of an well known cartoonist and illustrator Steadman and a mechanic Newstead. The most of pieces in this exhibition are pretty much Steadman’s fantasy world creatures came to a life turned into machines by Newstead’s fantastic mechanism such as one of music box as well.

IMG_0354The hand and ink drops of Steadman: it reminds me of Jackson Pollock. A lot of drawings also reminded me of the work of Tim Burton. The imagination that goes miles long that you can’t just stop…


IMG_0352The mechanic dragon. It is fantastically made and moves. Each piece has certain humor in it’s movement: naughty, creative, unexpected, attitude… So much more than just a moving machine. It’s certain move evokes the audience to think about the story behind and what could happen next…! I loved it!


IMG_0326Yes here’s another one. You can kind of imagine what’s going on. Right? Below wall shows drawings of Keith Newstead.


IMG_0329She was our favorite!!! Not only because of her beauty ( her hair, mouth, the fingers and the bras…) but also because of her amazing use of her arms when she swims: her moves are slow but has the will and strength in them like she’s after to save someone almost.

IMG_0330Also there is a series of these single simple figures. They move side ways in a naughty attitude. I believe I caught him below during his funny move.

IMG_0331Read more about the artists. www.ralphsteadman.com  www.keithnewsteadautomata.com


Now checking out the ground floor and below walking through a cute cafe’ at the gallery. Love the checkerboard flooring and the Forna Setti’s wall paper on the back. And of course a little outdoor space. It’s perfect!


IMG_0336Right outside of cafe to the left, 3 artist’s studios and the hallway looking out the Cafe’s garden.

IMG_0340Wire work artist, Mel Day   www.melday.co.uk

IMG_0351I find her work quite beautiful. She uses all different sizes and kinds of wire.

IMG_0350A wire woman cutting her hair. Can you see her scissors in her hand…?  The artist told us this was commissioned piece based on her one of past work. I thought this could be a nice piece for Emi’s studio, but we ended up passing on it. There were so many great work of Day that we wanted to own, but we are traveling on a small carry on bags… next time…!

IMG_0338The artist said she was inspired by corals. Beautiful ha? And it’s quite flexible and soft rather than rigid without any motions.

IMG_0346Now moving on to the next studio Ceramic and glass artists, Adam Harvey & Emma Wells. Brilliant artists they are! Their work is familiar yet definitely unique. Those tiny leg like things remind me of suctions of octopus and beautifully broken and disappearing ends of ceramic in unconventional angles and proportion are quite amazing. They looked and felt so fragile so I was super careful to handle them…



IMG_0349Visit their website www.harveywells.co.uk

IMG_0379Tania Emi and Me strolling Catherine hill where small vintage, antique and also modern interior shops are lined up… cute little area.




IMG_0370If you are ever on this side of England, you should check out Frome for Black Swan Gallery, cute hills with small boutiques and the Weekend open market…! I really liked the genuine local feel of this town!!







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