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So one of recent hottest days, the Monday the July 5th, Emiliano and I  headed over to Met to see the “Big Bambu’”. By the way, NYC was pleasantly empty and easy to get around! It always feels like bit of luxury not to have too many folks in the city.  Anyway, The Bamboos? Awesome. I wish we were here when they just had installed these. It must have been beautifully green and felt more true to Bamboo that what  I think it is in my head. But still awesome. So this cool idea has been built since April and it’s supposed to be actually daily project that more bamboo poles get to added bit by bit till October. You can take a guided tour to the top (which we didn’t know about), and if you like to do so, then you need to buy a ticket at the ground level. No open toe shoes or skirts or kids under the 10 years old are allowed.

What do you call it..? A beauty in massive chaos? The artsy geometry of shade created by bamboo poles felt amazing in a hot day like this. Artists Doug + Mike Starns teamed up with Rock Climbers to create this complexity and energy of this ever changing living organism. Yes I missed the beginning of this organism, but I’ll catch the end.

We are going back to see more completed “Big Bambu’” in October and I’ll wear a good pair of Rock Climbing shoes!!! Can’t wait to experience the height and whole another view from the top.  Friday night roof top turns to a bar, and I saw millions of light fixtures hanging from the bamboo poles, so It should be quite beautiful at night. Maybe able to see the sunset too? Of course Emi got all inspired to build something on our roof top now. Maybe the next Spring.

Here, read more about the Bamboo Project!  www.metmuseum.org/home.asp















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