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After a long day of fitting and all with our vendors in Seoul, Daniel, Amy and I headed out to Garosu Gil in Seoul. Garosu means “Trees that are lined up on the side walk” and Gil means the Street. Garosu Gil is a small area in South side of “Han River” that has many cafes, Restaurants and small boutiques that reminds of Nolita in NY. Bit Young, lively, bohemian and somehow also bit polished. 

IMG_5314Here a home style cooking Korean Restaurant, “Modern Bapsang”.  You will find many places that are literally residential property transformed into a lovely small businesses in Seoul And I like it for it’s approachable warm attitude. I love the pink wall against the green along the rustic wood paneled passage way. You pass the small alley then you will hit the open yard staging the open door restaurant filled with people dining. It’s very Lovely!


IMG_5316One After another plenty of open door restaurants are lined up along the Garosu here in Garosu Gil. It was a Monday evening but it seemed like it did not matter to anyone here. Hustle an bustle, the night is just not long enough!

IMG_5318 A open kitchen Japanese Restaurant.

IMG_5317A sake house.

IMG_5346Sorry I didn’t pay attention to the name of this place, but You can’t miss it!  This hugely open rustic modern coffee shop is quite fantastic with a roof top as well. The street becomes the coffee shop and the shop becomes your street. 

IMG_5335Here’s another good example of a private residency turned into a lovely Italian restaurant. Every inch between the building has been used up for outdoor space business here in Garosugil.


IMG_5349This little and very much old school ” Oden” house is epitome of bohemian soul of Koreans.  Just right amount of space and your perfect friends sitting right next to you chatting and sipping. I find this place superbly designed thinking of your tired soul in mind.

IMG_5322Any Second floor offers  just important business opportunities as the ground floor in Seoul. Just like in Tokyo it’s a big metropolitan city that needs endless space for endless ideas.

IMG_5344After bit of wondering, here we sat down and had some street  food with a modern twist at ” School Food”.  It’s a restaurant where offers all the street food that every Korean had grew up on during the school years.  Above pic shows 9 flavor mini kimbap ( korean style maki roll)! Can you see the Squid ink rice maki with spicy squid inside?  The rest futures toasted baby anchovies, kimchi, tuna with fresh sesame leaf, bulgogi ( thinly sliced bbqed sirloin) and more. Yummy!

IMG_5340This Ttuck bocki will put your tongue on fire! The #1 street food for all the students in Korea. Rice cake simmered in spicy chili broth with onions, cabbage and oden bits. Water please!!

IMG_5325 Here some of cute shops on Garosugil. This shop called ” Happy Lady” had some great soft tops at reasonable price.






If you are visiting Seoul one day, Garisu gil is a place to check out. You will have fun strolling!





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