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After the temple, I decided to have early lunch here in Asakusa rather than in the heart of Tokyo. I figured it would be much more interesting to have lunch here in Asakusa. There are many little streets with low rise house like places in the area. Shave ice places, Soba houses, knife stores, textile houses, kimono shops, tea houses, paper shops and much more!  There are many interesting traditional looking places here in Asakusa. I started to stroll a bit to find a perfect spot for my little lunch here!






OK, At the end I decided to go to this lovely place below for “Kamamesh: An individual rice pot with various ingredients that you can choose from their offer.  I eyed on this place earlier. My ‘ Travel Instinct’ was smelling it again. ” You know what? This place will be great!”




IMG_5776A jack pot for me!! A beautiful lady and two gentlemen gracefully dressed in lovely hue of Grey Kimono lively greet me. ” Irrat -shiamase!! ( Welcome!) Yes, I’m in a right place and I already know the lunch will be fab!


IMG_5770Here the menu describing what I am having, Kamameshi!!  I just started trying Sea Urchin. In Japan and Korea both Sea urchin is very popular and it is considered as delicacy. I never liked how it looked but I tried one day on a bed of fresh cucumber with shiso leaf and I really loved it. The texture was actually nice. Not too mush or slimy as I always imagined. It has the flavor of fresh ocean and natural sweetness. Now I really like it! So I order the Sea Urchin pot!

IMG_5797Everything is made to order, So I wait for good 20 minutes: 20 minutes for rice gets cooked to a perfection in this small individual pot with nice and chunk wooden top. This is truly “Slow Food”. Pre-cooked Pasta? Forget about it!

IMG_5796As I open the wooden top, I smell the aroma of sweet Sea Urchin and comforting rice all mixed happily and that subtle smell of sake! Ahhhhhh, This is going to be ammmaaaazing!



IMG_5800Oh My God! I only had a little bite and it is absolutely delicious! The rice is perfectly seasoned in broth. It’s not too hard or over cooked. I just know the Sea Urchin is the top of the quality. And simple hearty miso soup to go with. Deliciousness wraps around my head and body and I feel wooed by it…!

IMG_5802Hahahaha, look at my busy hands!! hihi..  By the way, in between while you are eating, you want to cover the pot with the wooden top. 

IMG_5803Good to the last piece. Yum Yum Yum!!!  The meal was about $20.00 including miso soup and japanese pickles. So worth it! There are many amazing restaurants in Asakusa that have more of traditional attitude. You will really love it!



Walking back to main road to catch a taxi to head out to Ebisu to stop by at store Capital, and I keep finding more amazing sights here. Below is a family run traditional rice cracker place. They ‘Hand’ grill each rice patty on the charcoal grills using chop sticks. I see Grandpa, Grandma, Son and everyone here. It almost looked like a movie set. This shop is more than 100 years old.



IMG_5819The name of the shop. Hmmm I can’t really read this one…


Bye Bye Asakusa, Thank you for lovely morning and the lunch! I’ll be back!!!




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3 Comments so far

  1. jeff on July 27, 2010 10:24 am

    It looks delicious. Nice pictures too. Do you know where the country or area of origin that the Sea Urchin was from? It looks like Sea Urchin from Chile because the roe size is so small. How much did the Kamaameshi bowl cost in USD??

  2. jaehee on July 28, 2010 4:09 am

    Jeff I only started eating sea urchin just now so I’m impressed by your knowledge to even able to tell where it all comes from just looking at pics!
    The lunch was $20.00 including miso soup and pickles.!

  3. Mattias on September 7, 2010 7:41 am


    Loved that post on the Sea Urchin Kamameshi, in fact it made me want to go and try it for myself.

    I am going to Tokyo in November. Would you mind letting me know the name of the restaurant in Asakusa where you ate this meal?

    Also, if you have further time, I would love to get some tips/insight into any other good restaurants that I can find nice uni sashimi.

    Uni is not availble in my country so I am preparing to gorge while in Tokyo :)

    Thanks in advance,