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Leaving tired Daniel back in hotel, I’m out for small dinner myself. I really haven’t walked around Shibuya at night so I went for a walk and it’s right near the hotel. The night is a new day for Tokyo! My my, the outfit gets funkier and more kids are out and about in groups and ton of restaurant and bar peeps out to catch some more customers standing in the middle of the streets explaining their menus. I walk and walk and found this tiny Ramen place and I just feel from my bottom of the feet that this place will serve delicious ramen!


IMG_5866A friendly waitress offers to make a pic of me selecting my ramen for the night! Many small restaurants in Japan will  have this Vending machine looking cashier by the entrance. You pick a meal and insert the money, get your change then the kitchen will serve your meal. I guess one way to reduce the head account to deal with payment and control the cash been stolen by the workers? Anyway, I pick Miso broth ramen with pork meat!  850 yen which is about $10.00.



IMG_5870Sitting down… like many small places in Tokyo, this Ramen house is also an open kitchen. Simple and cozy. I love it!!

IMG_5869 Chef working on my Ramen soup. I hear something sizzling here… Yum!!

IMG_5873Check this out!!! The rich and delicious miso broth with soft Bamboo shoots, soft boiled egg, fresh bean sprouts, chopped scallion and single yet generous portion of sliced pork meat.  This has been absolutely most delicious Ramen I had so far from anywhere. The noodle is just perfect with good bites and body. Heaven~!!!!


IMG_5876Now I know where to be when I ‘m alone and late night in Shibuya. That would be this Ramen house Aji Gen behind the Parco department store tucked in among other many little places.

IMG_5877My Friendly waitress writes down the name of this Ramen house. No business card here…


I’ll be back Aji Gen!! Thank you for the Company with delicious Ramen!


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2 Comments so far

  1. Scott MacVicar on September 26, 2010 5:15 pm

    We went looking for this place but couldn’t find it after a long walk in the rain. Found another Ramen place that was excellent though not too far from the Parco department store.

  2. jaehee on September 27, 2010 4:12 am

    oh I should have put down the exact address. Its my lesson this time.
    Hope you had wonderful time in Tokyo! I’m back to Tokyo for this weekend through next mid week. Check out the blog sometimes!