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Some travel moments here…

Early morning Tulum Beach in February this year.

Emiliano and Gael just got tickets to Italy for 6 weeks over July and August, and the end of July, myself will be in Asia visiting Seoul, HK and Tokyo then back to NY for 2 days and off to join the boys and family in Italy for about 2 weeks. It would be super fantastic to see my mother, dad and cousin and bit excited to explore my new favorite city, Seoul again. Asia gets Always hectic since I’m usually there for the work first, but I’ll try to squeeze in some personal time for the weekend with family.  I was watching the “Bizarre Food” on the Travel channel the other day.  Andrew Zimmern shares all the bizarre food and crazy fun traveling the world. And on boy its was Tokyo this time talking about pig’s guts and heart that new hip generation enjoys eating!  I thought it was quite interesting. I like to stroll through also different areas of  Tokyo this time. Should I try  On Sen? The theme restaurant like ” Alcatraz”  looks quite crazy! It would be nice to re visit a temple at Asakusa in Tokyo.

IMG_4769Heyri Art Valley, South Korea.

Check out one of blog about  Sam chung dong , Seoul http://www.lacasapark.com/la/2009/12/a-beauty-samchung-dong-1-seoul-korea/

Yearly trip to Italy has always good balance of knowing what’s coming and not knowing what else is coming. The family, feast, the ocean and friends are what I know then there are always other possibilities that we may stumble into spontaneously! A dance party at a Castle or quick visit to other city in Europe? All is good  surprise and recharging time for us and a chance to oil our ( Gael and Me) Italian to be more current and  be fine tuned.

962944Last year Art Biennale Venezia, Italy

1059904A local wine shop. Bring your empty bottle, they will fill it up! Italy

71296Typical early morning scene in Livorno. They read Newspapers and chat with friends for couple hours in early morning feet in the fresh ocean water.

IMG_0725Typical light filled Tuscan scene.

139328Last year in Paris for our 10 year anniversary.

IMG_0660Champs Elysees


Visit to Berlin with Kelly early this year.

Anyway,, Some flash back photos here but the point is it;s that time again!!  There is this work I like to explore that only down side is that no time travel ALL the time. Brazil, Spain, Iceland, Sydney, back to Berlin and eveywhere else…

If I could just travel and take photos, now That would be my ideal life!


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