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First of all, it all comes with holistic styling. I know there are these men out there. The Sexy ones. They are real men. I see them standing out from the boring crowd.  Scruffy but not dirty. Relaxed but not lousy. Don’t get confused this confident flare with something else!  Bit flamboyant and great eyes for the sharpest accessories. Love him!!  The rich hippies! Mod Rocks and Rolls!!


Gael turned to 7. Today. June. Twenty Eight.

I can’t believe the little one I squeezed out 7 years ago is now 45″ tall and speaks fluent Italian, ties his shoe laces, does his witty jokes, lost his first tooth moving onto the second one right next to it, has the heart full of love and all the coolness I don’t have to ask for… Truly blessed kid you are. Mom and dad love you. So much. Be who you are as much as you wish to be and how and why or whatever that would be. You will be always my Gael and our Gael. Like grandpa from Korea wrote you, fly as high and high as just like a helicopter he sent you would…!












August 29, 1999, Valebenedetta, Italy












I love you dad…!

I’m sure you have heard something like this: from your tip of nose to end of the finger tips measures about a yard, or the circumstance of your neck pretty much dictates the measurement of your waist measurement in half.  So I was cleaning my closet out during the Memorial day weekend, and I was surprised to see I still had this self experimental anatomy project using a old pair of Gap jean during my first year of F.I.T.

In one of super early year of 90′s, I took a pair of over dyed Gap “Bell Bottom” Jean (Yes, Bell Bottom Jean!) and completely took it into parts and re made into a small jacket. A small jacket that fits me perfect. And this was one hell of fun project because I could totally discover that Human Anatomy worked a Magic. The rise just fits perfectly around my neck opening, the leg is just enough to cut into sleeves. The waist is waist, so it’s a perfect waist. Now I do not recall exactly where the band collar piece came from , But I do vaguely remember that the subtle curve of the collar was not my artistic approach, it was what it was. It came from certain part of jean it just fit perfect. Studding I did years after when I was designing Tommy Jeans. I was very much into studding then, I was studding even my check book cover. Certain satisfaction you get after studding to see how much you have done and so on… Anyway, Take a look at them!

The key point is actually one part of body measurement totally works or fits other part of the body. So fascinating…!













Here’s the How to!



It’s that time, the World Cup!!  What an exciting event! And I feel extra special about South Africa is hosting this amazing world event this year. A few years ago, I had a privilege to visit Cape town and Madagascar in South Africa. Tony Kretten, Michael Jarvela and myself were 3 main designers who launched the (RED) line within the Gap brand as an effort to educate and help people with Aids in Africa along 4 other major world wide partners: Motorola, Amex, Converse and Apple. The (RED) was founded by a lead singer of U2, Bono, and Bobby Shriver, a current mayor of Santa Monica and long time activist with below in their mind.

Here’s the manifesto of  (RED): www.joinred.com


IMG_3797IMG_3798IMG_3799IMG_3814Actual few proto styles of (RED) first Launch Collection back in 1995. INSPI(RED) tee, (RED) jean, hoodies… The bottom photo shows Men’s and Women’s surplus jacket from the sketch book. Below continues on following seasons’ inspiration photos, scribbles, brain storms and sketches. We were all fired up to be inspired by the beauty and the culture of land of Africa itself for continuing seasons to develop the line. Ghana, Namibia, Kassena, Cape Town…

IMG_3802IMG_3801Tony, Do you remember,  The Black gold of Sun..?

IMG_3800africa1africa2This was one of my favorite season. I was whole lot inspired by the beauty of Kassena Country of Africa’s Architecture and their most amazing murals.

africa3africa4This Safety pin with one African bead was the Pink ribbon that fights against the AIDS for Gap (RED).

africa5The Town Ship of Cape Town. Where the majority of locals live. Brightly painted Patched wooden walls inspired me to create things that were joined, pieced and stacked with great help of Emily Harris, my long time favorite graphic Artist.


Now Gap’s first 5 years dedicated participation of this amazing journey has been just ended but I hope one day we will re-join the (RED) in bigger and better way. When I was actively designing the RED line such as simple Graphic tees to jeans,woven shirts, sweaters and leather jackets, I was sent along Kim Lim, an amazing woman who really worked her heart out for RED under the Gap brand to go visit all the vendors and factories who were actually doing the production in South Africa. From NY to Paris, Paris to Senegal then finally to Johannesburg then to Cape Town. What a long journey to get there …! And,  I was on constant short flights within the South Africa region to visit one of the most prominent Design expo, INDABA( which means ‘ Bringing together’ in South African) in Cape town,  and also the vendors who produced all our graphic tees and  some of the woven pieces and  a few other vendors in Durban and Madagascar as well.

All of these were such an eye opening experience for me.  One, I knew I underestimated Africa. I mean What did I reaaaallly know about Africa? Hunger? the Aids? then what? Who knew so many haute couture houses such as Chanel and Armani were working together with one of the most highly skilled textile houses and trim suppliers. INDABA expo completely blew my mind. So many artists based in South Africa were already well established working with top interior design firms and brands providing one of kind lamp to artistic pottery, furniture and more world wide. And You know what?  They were cutting edge Modern. Also I had met most amazing people with cause ( yes to help and build the South Africa) by utilizing their creativity at the expo. The scene of Cape town also surprised me. Despite of 15 or more Townships (undeveloped and poor urban living towns for non whites in Cape Town), many parts of the city was quite well developed reminding parts of here in NYC.

But then Yes, it is true that majority of locals do live in this poor Town ships with impossible to cure disease.  South Africa along the rest of Africa does have a huge problem of AIDS. I mean the factories that I visited literally have to calculate the possible deaths of their workers up coming from having an AIDS into their productivity for their production. All the Airports or many other places that require steady work force in Africa have similar problems. Can you believe such a death is so common that you have to constantly fill in the work force?  This causes vicious cycle as follow: the death-new worker-re-training-wasted time over the learning curve -lack of experts in their field-poor quality – death… Ahhh, It breaks my heart..

township1Typical Township in Cape town.

Local MarketA local market scenes at Madagascar. I absolutely loved the market! Ton of hand crafts to textile, it’s super colorful. But then this is one of my favorite photo of the market. The Blue sky and quite view. It feels peaceful…

cape town market

fabulous cape towner *I thought her look was super interesting in her thrown in together outfit. And of course… the Bare feet. in Madagascar, maybe good half of the population does not own a pair of shoes. Of course the factories where I had visited they did, but on the street it is much easier to spot people without shoes than ones with shoes.

water hole for residentsUNESCO built water holes. I heard most of locals does not have water at home in Madagascar. You will see water holes here and there through out the town. There are ton of people living on the street and wash up their clothes and sheets in the small river when it rains and lay them on the grass field off the street to dry them. It was such a humbling experience to see what they have and realize what I have.

cape townCape town scene across the street from a small Bed and Breakfast where me and Kim had stayed.

cape town taxiCape town Taxi

table moutain at Cape townA view of Table mountain Cape Town.


I really hope the World Cup 2010 in South Africa will give a healthy financial and mental lift to the land. Mostly for the people who suffers and dying. The Young Generation. Also I hope South Africa government can somehow utilize this opportunity to get some serious attention from the world to help out their social issues-lack of education, poverty and AIDS. So many people live with their myth in Africa. People think AIDS will go away if they can sleep with a virgin or have a connection with their God through a ritual ceremony. We need a constructive education that starts from the womb of a mother for people in Africa and the world. We need a powerful wake up call.

Africa, It’s year 2010 and You are the one who is hosting the FIFA today! I want you to succeed. Succeed in building a better economy, succeed in educating, succeed in healing and succeeding in hosting the World Cup!

And you can help right now by joining (RED)!


Superbly ingrediented Napoletana brick oven Pizze, Friendly owner who resembles Matin Scorsese and the Awesome space. Check it out! 60 Greenpoint Avenue. www.pauliegee.com


Waaaaay, It’s so hot!!!  A quick simple lunch in the garden! Yum Yum Yum!



IMG_3547 2 organic graded Zucchini, half cup peeled and chopped shrimp, 1 organic whole egg, half cup flower, 1 cup seltzer water, sea salt, pepper. Make into a one big batter and pan fry  into a individual size on a hot griddle with olive oil until the edge gets crispy and brown. Deeeeelicious! The dipping sauce here is mixture of water, soy sauce and white vinegar. Mix them into 1:1:1 ratio.

IMG_35481 shaved cucumber, 1 table spoon white vinegar, drizzle of olive oil, sea salt and couple of ice cubes. This is So summery, crunch and delicious!


Enjoy the Summer!

Some travel moments here…

Early morning Tulum Beach in February this year.

Emiliano and Gael just got tickets to Italy for 6 weeks over July and August, and the end of July, myself will be in Asia visiting Seoul, HK and Tokyo then back to NY for 2 days and off to join the boys and family in Italy for about 2 weeks. It would be super fantastic to see my mother, dad and cousin and bit excited to explore my new favorite city, Seoul again. Asia gets Always hectic since I’m usually there for the work first, but I’ll try to squeeze in some personal time for the weekend with family.  I was watching the “Bizarre Food” on the Travel channel the other day.  Andrew Zimmern shares all the bizarre food and crazy fun traveling the world. And on boy its was Tokyo this time talking about pig’s guts and heart that new hip generation enjoys eating!  I thought it was quite interesting. I like to stroll through also different areas of  Tokyo this time. Should I try  On Sen? The theme restaurant like ” Alcatraz”  looks quite crazy! It would be nice to re visit a temple at Asakusa in Tokyo.

IMG_4769Heyri Art Valley, South Korea.

Check out one of blog about  Sam chung dong , Seoul http://www.lacasapark.com/la/2009/12/a-beauty-samchung-dong-1-seoul-korea/

Yearly trip to Italy has always good balance of knowing what’s coming and not knowing what else is coming. The family, feast, the ocean and friends are what I know then there are always other possibilities that we may stumble into spontaneously! A dance party at a Castle or quick visit to other city in Europe? All is good  surprise and recharging time for us and a chance to oil our ( Gael and Me) Italian to be more current and  be fine tuned.

962944Last year Art Biennale Venezia, Italy

1059904A local wine shop. Bring your empty bottle, they will fill it up! Italy

71296Typical early morning scene in Livorno. They read Newspapers and chat with friends for couple hours in early morning feet in the fresh ocean water.

IMG_0725Typical light filled Tuscan scene.

139328Last year in Paris for our 10 year anniversary.

IMG_0660Champs Elysees


Visit to Berlin with Kelly early this year.

Anyway,, Some flash back photos here but the point is it;s that time again!!  There is this work I like to explore that only down side is that no time travel ALL the time. Brazil, Spain, Iceland, Sydney, back to Berlin and eveywhere else…

If I could just travel and take photos, now That would be my ideal life!

Back in May,  I had an awesome opportunity to give a lecture/discussion at Metropolitan Museum  as a related event to ” American Women” Exhibition. The American Women Exhibition was made possible with collaboration between Brooklyn Museum’s Costume Collection and the Costume Institute of Metropolitan Museum.

on June 3, a blog about my lecture was posted on Brooklyn Museum blog site. Check it out!

Quote from the Posting as follow! :

“In celebration of the new relationship between Brooklyn Museum’s Costume Collection and the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, teen programs at both museums have joined forces to offer fashion related events for teens.

On Friday, May 14, Brooklyn Museum Apprentices visited The Metropolitan Museum for the teen event, A Conversation with Two Artists: Fashion! Also attending the event were other teens from across the city. Jaehee Park, a design director at the Gap, and Andrew Bolton, Curator of The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum discussed their influences and work/life experiences in the fashion world.


Jaehee Park showed off her sketch book and talked about the six t-shirts she designed in conjunction with The Metropolitan’s exhibition American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity.  All six t-shirts are now on sale in Gap stores.  Andrew Bolton talked about exhibition design and made suggestions for those interested in becoming fashion curators. He recommends majoring in art or design history as an undergraduate and then focusing on fashion history in graduate school.


This teen event kicked off the T-shirt Design Competition for Teens being sponsored in conjunction with the exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum. Teens entering the design contest must visit the The Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibition and Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition, American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection to gather inspiration and design ideas. The deadline for submissions is June 14, 2010.

Other teen events include a teen night at the Brooklyn Museum and a teen festival at The Metropolitan Museum. The Brooklyn Museum’s Teen Night: Focus on Fashion will feature a dance party, performances, and hands-on art making. The event will be held on Friday, June 4 starting at 5:00 pm in the lobby. Teens are encouraged to come dressed in fashions inspired by their favorite period in American history. The Metropolitan’s Teen Festival: From Suffragist to Sirens celebrates the winners of the T-shirt design competition on Saturday, July 17 from 11:00 am-2:00 pm. Hands-on art making activities will be features at the festival.”


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