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What a great day we had today! A good day spent in Manhattan from vintage Vinyl shopping at Academy Record ( www.Academy-records.com 212-242-3000) right near my office to ending up buying Stanton Turn tables ( yeah I know it’s not Technics. Not yet), a mixer and 2 kick ass Mackie speakers at the Guitar Center! We got totally kick out of looking through old vinyls. I mean all the awesome flare they had then!










IMG_3033They start from $0.50 to $ 5.00 maybe the $8.00. Then Academy also carries vinyls that are rare and important would cost you up to couple hundred bucks. A great store!  We got about 20 + vinyls today and what’s after? Headed out to the Guitar Center. We were buying the turn tables and speakers. Woo- Hoo!!


IMG_3014A couple pics of boys on a way to the Guitar store. Today there was a soccer game, 2010 Champions League Final - Inter Milan vs Bayern Munich. We only peeked through a window of a random Irish bar. haha. Dunno yet who won.

Now at the Guitar shop!!!  You know what? We rocked our soul out at the Guitar Center. Who knew the Guitar shop was all that fun? I mean forget about Chukee Cheese. Life is way Way better at the Guitar Center!


IMG_3066Hahahahahaha, Are you jealous that I’m rocking the triple deck key boards here?  You know I do play piano quite awesomely, so this is not just all act. But, the Miu Miu sunglasses? Yes. I thought it would help! Whatever, I had fun with it!

IMG_3058I didn’t realize Gael’s Tee shirt had record graphic on till now! What a cool kid…! Honestly we couldn’t get enough out of all the key boards and instrumental toys from the Guitar shop. We were cruising, playing and jamming(? haha)  with even other professionals at the shop.  It was a hell out of time there we had!


What’s next… Hmmm We are ITCH to plan a dance party now under” Lacasapark” with one of the hottest DJs in Italy, GiGi. A dear friend of ours and brother of Beppe, who is coming to NY in June for Beppe’s concert.  Will see. Brewing an idea!!!!!!!!  Find me jamming on the triple deck keyboards with GiGi if that happens!

2 minutes out of our 20+ good old new Vinyls.


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