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A fine artist, printing maker Jill Lee has started her own line of artsy and hand made Printmaking House called ” Beau Ideal” in Summer 2007.

“It was really important for me to get back to my roots in Art, design, and printmaking, so I finally took the leap to start my own business.” Jill says. The Cooper Union graduate from the Advancement of Science and Art in New York where she received her BFA also worked as a aspiring fashion designer for a long time before she finally went back to her roots.

The Artist says, “I am too inspired and influenced by textiles, decorative motifs, and patterns found anywhere and everywhere from the arts of different cultures to the flourishes in calligraphy. I am heavily influenced by typography as well, so love exploring and playing with hand drawn type”

8_ifeelloved-inexh” I feel loved” gouache 12″x16″, 2009 , Jill Lee: You can see her inspiration coming through quite strongly from every piece. I really love Jill’s take on this piece. She humanized 3 bundles of distinctively different textile in patterns and colors by giving the “life” to them. The move, the attitude and the emotion. I almost Envy their love. Simple yet powerful. And the title all together I find this piece very much successful.

11_kimono-inexh“Kimono”gouache 11″x15″ 2009, Jill Lee : Here again Jill shows her great ability to impose her subject through her object. The way these textiles are interacting together totally forsee the ones of Kimono.

4_youmeeveryoneelse1-inexYou, Me, and Everyone Else #1 Screen Print 11″x14″ 2009, Jill Lee.  Please check out her site www.jillclee.com 

Here are some pics of her printmaking process from the left: Hand drawn sketch to Screen work then to the print.


Jill creates bigger scale paper prints as well as great stationery as cards and notebooks and they are fantastic. Below pictures are from Jill’s Beau Ideal at Saturday Brooklyn flea. Every piece has her spirit and distinctive character. They are well made in great quality! To shop her stationery, Check out www.etsy.com/shop/beauideal

Beau Ideal’s stationaries at Brooklyn Flea!


IMG_1990I bought this notebook and I find it quite beautiful. The first page inside the notebook with shot of color stripes was pleasant surprise. Love the colors!

IMG_1991Below Jill on the left and her friends at the flea… Jill, Love your work!





The first impression? Beautiful little worlds! And How did they do it? It’s gorgeous indoored outdoor! My favorite Saturday strolls at Brooklyn flea always finds little surprises such as these Twig Terrariums. It’s almost like  a big dream captured in a small little space  that you can talk to and day dream over. So precious but it feels big because of the subject of the each world. The grand open field!

IMG_1973A man and a boy with 2 sheeps on the beautiful open field.  I feel the sun on my face and breeze blowing my hair and the most fantastic view that trails away miles and miles long.


IMG_1975So these Terrariums come in all different sizes and shapes and boy they are all quite amazing! I love them!!


IMG_1983A couple looking down out in the nature. A pond? A brook? big stream of Ants busy carrying food and leaves? I mean you imagine!


IMG_1979 The big hearted Twig ladies. You two ladies are so creative!!  Here check out the website www.twigterraruims.com



Chelsea market has become really really good grocery shopping place for all kinds of things! The Lobster House has the best and freshest sea food at much better price than Whole food. So I stopped by at the market the night Rosita was coming and I cooked real delicious cod with vongole sauce!

1.Start with the freshest and “Wild Caught” Cod: Any fish you buy , You always should buy “wild caught”. Because this nation feeds anything and everything with “Corns”. In ocean, there is no Corn naturally but in the fish farm, the man feed fish the corns, the massive commercially grown corn. booooo!

IMG_1921Good sharp and flaky “Maldon” Sea Salt, fresh crackled black pepper, My mother in law, Livia sent young green extra virgin olive oil from Italy, spring red onion, Italian parsley. Set under the broiler.

IMG_1924We have a vintage “Chambers” iron oven from circa late 30′s-early 40′s. It has a fabulous broiler under neath and griddle on the top feature. We use this literally all the time from toasting slices of good bread to dinner like this and to pancakes and, and and ….!

2. On a hot pan add good olive oil, chopped two handful of sweet cherry tomatoes, finely chopped onions and fresh crushed garlic ( more the better) and let it simmer on the medium to low heat. Add salt and fresh pepper. When the tomato gets all softened up add well cleaned live Vongole (about good 2 dozens have been sitting in the sea salt water to spit out sands, drain and rinse thoroughly…) , add more parsley and shot of white wine. Simmer for another few minutes until all the vongole get pretty much cooked but not to the perfection yet!


3. When the fish is almost ready with edge gets bit crispy, pour over the delicious vongole tomato sauce over the broiled fish and broil for another 7-8 minutes to allow the fish and the sauce get all happy together. Drizzle bit of olive oil so the Vongole don’t get dry under the flame.


4. Served family style on the biggest oval shaped thick and heavy milk white porcelain plate we have in the middle of the farm table. Everybody got a glass of Gavi di Gavi ( one of our favorite White)..!  Deeeeeelllllllllicious!!!!!!!!!  Going and gone in a second! Perfectly cooked flaky fresh cod and sweet Vongole and tangly tomato sauce just dance all together in your mouth heavenly. An Explosion of flavors!!!!


IMG_1933My All time absolute favorite side vegie: Lemon Garlic Olive Oil Kale. Yum Yum Yum!!!!


Try it! They are Delicious!!







Ahhh, Wish had a real lab!

Thank you for stopping in last night!!!!!!

And stay tuned for Lacasapark at Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene!  www.lacasapark.com/la/2010/04/back-to-lafayette-the-fort-greene-booklyn-flea/







Anthropology at Chelsea market, NYC, Not my favorite brand ( too cute for me) but not bad skirt Ha?



Bloomingdale’s, Soho, NYC, These are quite good!






Wow who new the Monday afternoon Moma is jam packed…! It felt like there were many little groups. Senior citizens, high school kids and ton of foreigners… Anyway despite the big crowd, Moma has some good exhibitions going on right now so I really enjoyed it. www.moma.org/

Marina Abramovic‘. Honestly I didn’t know of her work so much except this so called ” performing art” at Moma right now: “The artist is present” is getting so much attention at the moment. And I kind of already judged that this was not so great idea. So She sits on the middle of the second floor surrounded by security guards and curious audience in her red snuggy like outfit. She looks extra pale and huge. She may have put on some white make up to shock people. Anyway she’s very much into shocking people. ( wait till see her exhibition going on the 6th floor at the museum…!).






IMG_1901People were lined up to sit down with Marina starring in peace(?) and silence each others. It’s up to the guest( the audience) to decide how long he or she wants to stare at Marina. Marina sits there in no motion and no emotion. No water. No bathroom break. What if she faints? All day long for a month. The whole thing rather disturbs me but yet intrigues me and I want to shout to her in her ear to get up and stop this. I don’t know how to accept this or explain. But 6th floor experience of everything she has done was far beyond. There are many video installations since she is a performing artist. She cuts herself. She whips her ice blocks in naked then eats her honey out of the jar. She had put live naked men and women all over into this exhibition. One woman is for God sake up on the wall sitting and hanging on something like bicycle seat and completely naked showing everything including her pelvic hair. This naked woman’s looking quite sad ( at least to me) under her bright spot light is arching her arms time to time. Anyway, Marina loves naked bodies of herself and others and everyone’s. Is it instant way to shock people and get attention?  Is it sort of freedom to her? All of these motions and the actions provoke me to think what really “ART” means. She stands on the border line of ART or Not in my common sense. I do not believe in Art being goody goody pretty Art, but she really challenges me in very uncomfortable way. So at the end, am I glad I did see it?  Yes. I believe it was better I saw it all than I didn’t see it all. So now I know it all.

IMG_1913Marina Abramovic’

Then there is William Kentridge‘ s awesomely interesting exhibition:”Five Themes





IMG_1877William is Best known for animated films based on charcoal drawings, he also works in prints, books, collage, sculpture, and the performing arts. This exhibition explores five primary themes in Kentridge’s art from the 1980s to the present, and underscores the inter relatedness of his mediums and disciplines, particularly through a selection of works from the Museum’s collection. Included are works related to the artist’s staging and design of Dmitri Shostakovich’s The Nose,which premieres at New York’s Metropolitan Opera in March 2010. I especially loved his Stop-Emotion Animations. So intriguing!!

The Magic Flute by William Kentridge.

IMG_1879William Kentridge. Drawing from Stereoscope 1998–99. Charcoal, pastel, and colored pencil on paper, 47 1/4 x 63″ (120 x 160 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of The Junior Associates of The Museum of Modern Art, with special contributions from Anonymous, Scott J. Lorinsky, Yasufumi Nakamura, and The Wider Foundation.  William Kentridge’s still drawings and portraits greatly reminds me of ones of Francis Bacon. Not in all aspects a of it but especially the line quality. /www.lacasapark.com/la/2009/07/francis-bacon-1909-1992/


Then there is this installation by Yin Xiuzhen.

I liked it. It is sort of cute And i like the idea. This reminded me of a exhibition that was held at Deitch Project in Soh a while ago : Black Acid Co-Op. www.lacasapark.com/la/2009/07/black-acid-co-op-deitch-project/




IMG_1844The outer shell is made by mixed clothing such as sweaters, shirts and pants… then there are frames built to support this from the interior of the car. And  the light filters through the clothing creates a beautiful soft colors to see from the inside of the car.  This makes fab party room for the Adult or the kids! Especially with mega size speakers installed!

IMG_1849The interior. Quite nice, Ha?!



And Picasso: Theams and Variations.

I mean you never get bored looking at Picassos Art. What a blessed Artist he was?!! He had 80 year full of most prolific production in every different medium and techniques! He never stopped creating. This exhibition explores Picasso’s creative process through the medium of printmaking, tracing his development from the early years of the twentieth century, with depictions of itinerant circus performers in the Blue and Rose periods, to his discovery of Cubism. It follows his evolving artistic vision through decades of experimentation in etching, lithography, and linoleum cut, demonstrating how each technique inspired new directions in his work. The exhibition focuses on specific themes, showing how Picasso’s imagery went through a constant process of metamorphosis. Printmaking, in particular, allows this fundamental aspect of his art to become vividly clear, since various stages in building a composition can be documented. One series of lithographs shows Picasso progressing, step-by-step, from a realistic depiction of a bull to one that is completely abstracted into schematic lines. Other series reveal changing interpretations of the women in Picasso’s life, as they become the subject of his art and a catalytic force behind his creativity.

And here I have a couple of his work from this exhibition…





Then Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photo Exhibition!

I spent quite a time in front of gigantic maps to show his trails of world travels to take photos. Honestly I amd more impressed by his world travels than the photos itself. Beautiful photos but I mean this man traveled entire Japan in 1964! The maps look like ones for one of many Airline’s these days.



IMG_1908All the city names you see are where Henri traveled and took photos. www.lacasapark.com/la/2010/04/henri-cartier-bresson-moma-april-11-june-28-2010/


Great Exhibitions . Go see them!!

What a great movie! Saw it again and falling in love all over again with Woody. Woody’s genius witty lines and Woodie’s love for NYC. Adorable and lost Annie and hilarious and depressed Alvy. Woody’s study on Annie and Alvy’s relationship is classic yet so refreshing. And True. His ability to articulate all of that in such details. Ha! Only Woody Allen can do. All the scenes around beautiful 1977′s New York City. Here I feel almost sort of triumphant of being a New Yorker all the way having come from Seoul. Yes I feel proud!

And Can we talk about their matching couple outfits?! So subtle yet Super obviously matching outfits just add more fun to this delicious film.

IMG_1697After their meeting for the first time at Annie’s home and her famous boy meets girl khaki pant, white shirt, the vest and the neck tie. Sort of Gap in a nostalgic way… And Alvy looks handsome(?) in a simple white shirt.


IMG_1700Annie storming off the NY street after her first lousy audition for singing at a small bar… love her wide leg pants!

IMG_1701Alvy convincing Annie how good she was no matter what and making a deal to get over with “Having a first kiss” .


IMG_1703What a smart couple! Remember the first book Alvy gets Annie? At the book store.

IMG_1709Sort of confessing how much they love ( or Alvy insists more like L-O-V-E) each other. Love this scene with Brooklyn Bridge behind. Pretty romantic, ha?


IMG_1715Hahhahaha, love this Scene. Look how fabulous Annie’s shrink’s office is and her green Crock.

IMG_1716At their friend’s Party. Woody sneeze over couple grand worth substance here. Hahaha. The shirt and the vest.

IMG_1719Their amicable breaking up/ moving out matching outfits. that’s that first book Alvy got Annie for her cat.



IMG_1711 Annie and Alvy in NYC.  Ahhh INSPIRED!!   Now, I’m off to MOMA and get lost in the city today!

Fall in Love with New York Again folks!

The Meeting!


4312792425_b41c1352d0 Che Grande sei, Celentano!

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