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As much as I like to share lots of photos of Paris, Parisians are bit protective of their images and trademarks. And I totally understand and I respect it. But it gets bit difficult for me because I Love to take pictures as all of you can see!  Sometimes I wish I have an invisible camera to capture them all…!

Kelly, Cynthia and I are going to go see the Retrospective of YSL at Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris.  www.yslretrospective.com ( yes the green is the color so I’m using it!) But I am not sure if I would be able to take some pictures there… Anyway, this event really excites me VERY much and I can’t wait to be there. There will be about 300 master pieces from Sir Yves Saint Laurent’s last 40 years of work.

yslLet’s see If I can steal some images from the exhibition, then I would definitely share them with you. So stay tuned. By the way, below is the Petit Palais entrance. (well, actually it’s not that small) Isn’t it quite gorgeous?



Now moving onto fun moments today at corners of Paris. By the way, I thought the Green was the color. Wasn’t it? So much yellow on the street.   



IMG_0692Gael, I thought you would love this picture of Eiffel tower!  

IMG_0655This lady with a lovely black cape was very flattered when I asked if I could take picture of her. thank you… 

IMG_0666One of many beautiful bridges over the Seine

IMG_0653A man with fur (believe me I love this look!),

IMG_0682City Hall

IMG_0694A cone headed mannequin 

IMG_0685It’s hard to believe these are not Real flowers. They are hand made silk ones. You will see these silk flower shops through out the city.

IMG_0683A cool park with a ping pong table.




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