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So I decided to self master Paris. I’ll be reading a lot. It’s maybe this unusual warm last few days or the lingering traveling mood coming back from Berlin and Paris… Or was it the visit to the book store today? Anyway, wandering around the Borders for couple hours with Gael and Emi, I stopped at Travel section and ended up picking 4 different books about Paris.

IMG_1101A clockwise from the left top corner: Quiet Corners of Paris, Time out Paris, Paris: Made by Hand and Rough Guide Directions Paris.

Each book will function differently  and will be quite successful for me to study Paris I believe. The off the beaten path experience that I must have in any places, a great current general list= pretty much a good Concierge service, authentic and less commercial Paris style and bit of history of the city and different point of view on guiding the city.

I do go to Paris time to time, but I always feel like I’m only licking the surface by visiting same places and doing similar things. I feel quite excite! Its too bad that I don’t speak french, but by the end of the spring, I will become quite an expert of the city.  This little project totally put me into a mood that I am in Paris..!










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