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It rained all day. Worked all day. Talked All day and walked all day in between little talks at work. ( Quite important talks!). And Yes We have a big office. And … I come home after little chat again with Nancy and I smell potato roasting the second I walk in. Mmmmmm. Not so messy house.(Happy!). I know Gael’s been home all day bugging Emi all day.( yes it’s Spring break…!)

So we order 4 bottles of wine from Olivino. Genius! Ha. It’s a break through moment!  Who knew we can have wines delivered home as long as you order 4 bottles minimum. Thank You! Dancing with Stars? Shut up! Pamela Anderson? Are you kidding me? Whatever. It’s that kind of the day. It’s drizzling outside. Munching gigantic green olives ( hmmm, did I wash my hands?)  and sipping “organic” freshly delivered red. I talk to myself. ” Well, my husband making mushroom Ravioli and roasting Potato with red onions, Gael running around crazy to kill his 6 1/2 year old powerful energy, well I am happy, It’s not bad at all!”

Well, It’s any normal happy day, and it’s today!


A new program Discovery channel is running. It only started on March 21. Amazing. Wonder if these are the same people waiting, following and filming the Nature who created “Planet Earth” Gael’s jaw dropped and so as mine. Unbelievably gorgeous. Sundays 8:00pm



Why not remember all the glorious moments with delicious food and all my friends and family. ( you may not show, but you were there!)

The food opens your senses and heart. It weaves stories. It travels you.

Jessica, Philipp, Kit, Kaja, Jay, Kaja’s Mom, Alex, Lara, Heidi, David, Ana, Keith, Emi, Gael, Jaehee, Daniel, Beppe, Alino, Fufa, Tamara, Daniel, Andrea, Glenda, Franziska, Giorgio, Suzy, Angela, Tania, Tito, Naomi, Mom, Dad, Akyung, Don Diego, Giovanni,Cynthia, Felix, Kelly, Yoonhee, Denny… Love you all!




















































Philipp, Thank you for forwarding this to me!
You know Parsons. 
Yes where the Project Runway kids make through challenge by challenge. 
The one of 2 top fashion schools in NYC. 
(The other one is F.I.T where I actually studied Fashion)
Parsons' School of Art and Design History and Theory
and MA Fashion Studies

  New York City"

April 6-27, 2010
All screenings in Tishman Auditorium
The New School, 66 West 12th Street
7:30–9:30 p.m. Free and open to the public.

April 6
Dir. Woody Allen, 1977
Introduced by JUDITH THURMAN
Opening Reception at 6:30pm in lobby of 66 W 12th St

Woody Allen’s classic tale of New York City romantic neuroticism stars Diane Keaton
in the era-defining title role. Introduced by Judith Thurman, staff writer at the
New Yorker, and author of Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller (winner of the
National Book Award), Secrets of the Flesh: A Life of Colette, and, most recently,
Cleopatra’s Nose: 39 Varieties of Desire.
April 13
Dir. Vincente Minnelli, 1970
Introduced by ARMOND WHITE

Barbra Streisand and Yves Montand star in Minnelli’s technicolor masterpiece, with
costumes by Cecil Beaton and Arnold Scaasi. Introduced by Armond White, film critic
for the New York Press, chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle, and author of
groundbreaking books on pop culture including, most recently, Keep Moving: The
Michael Jackson Chronicles.

April 20
Dir. Billy Wilder, 1954
Introduced by AMY FINE COLLINS

Audrey Hepburn, Hubert de Givenchy, and Edith Head—a fashion-in-film trifecta—create
magic in Billy Wilder’s bewitching comedy-romance. Introduced by Amy Fine Collins,
special correspondent for Vanity Fair covering art, cinema, design, fashion, style,
and society; author of The God of Driving; and a fashion icon in her own right.
April 27
Dir. Alan J. Pakula, 1971
Introduced by JOHN EPPERSON
Closing Reception at 6:30pm in lobby of 66 W 12th St)

Jane Fonda turns in an astonishing performance as hardened call girl Bree Daniels in
Pakula’s film, which ushered in the golden age of 1970s paranoia thrillers.
Introduced by John Epperson, the creator and performer of Lypsinka, and writer of
the acclaimed shows Lypsinka! The Boxed Set, John Epperson: Show Trash, The Passion
of the Crawford, and, most recently, My Death.
I know Klute will be my Favorite!!!!!
For more, visit www.newschool.edu/thinkparsons.

So I decided to self master Paris. I’ll be reading a lot. It’s maybe this unusual warm last few days or the lingering traveling mood coming back from Berlin and Paris… Or was it the visit to the book store today? Anyway, wandering around the Borders for couple hours with Gael and Emi, I stopped at Travel section and ended up picking 4 different books about Paris.

IMG_1101A clockwise from the left top corner: Quiet Corners of Paris, Time out Paris, Paris: Made by Hand and Rough Guide Directions Paris.

Each book will function differently  and will be quite successful for me to study Paris I believe. The off the beaten path experience that I must have in any places, a great current general list= pretty much a good Concierge service, authentic and less commercial Paris style and bit of history of the city and different point of view on guiding the city.

I do go to Paris time to time, but I always feel like I’m only licking the surface by visiting same places and doing similar things. I feel quite excite! Its too bad that I don’t speak french, but by the end of the spring, I will become quite an expert of the city.  This little project totally put me into a mood that I am in Paris..!









2 copies of Mom’s first “Solo” publication of her poems have arrived. It took a while to receive them. She had published a few in the past but this is her first Solo and the first one after my brother had left. So it feels extra special. Ha. I feel like I am discovering my mother all over again. A mother of 2 who lost one. A woman who loves. A woman who endures.  A woman who respects. A woman who appreciates. Her soul. Her power. Her power to heal her soul. I look up to her strength and endless creativity. I look up to her dignity. Her Beauty. Mom, I feel your soul.

Your incredibly humble heart and resilience.

The C train home never felt so beautiful as today. Thank God I was seated. I just couldn’t stop my tears.

Mom you are an amazing human being. I love you.




sc00792338Mother and me, 6 month old.

In right this moment,
an immersive 3d environment is being set up collaborating with
artist Ail Hossaini at the ise cultural foundation @ 555 broadway
between Prince and Spring.
A celebration of music and video art with proceeds to benefit our ongoing support
for the arts.
The Benefit includes multiple channels of video art
in the street and in White Box’s gallery, Buttoh dance by the Vangeline Theatre,
installations, urban projection and DJs spinning late night dance grooves.
After that, an after party at white box!!
@ 329 Broome Street between bowery and allen, as a fund raiser.
Artists, Djs, dancers will be partying all night after the opening.
Participating artists include Seth Carnes, Ali Hossaini, Hye Rim Lee, Shantell Martin, Devan Simunovich, 
SWEATSHOPPE, Seanna Sharpe, Vangeline Theater. Featured DJs are Smirk of Wolf + Lamb Music, 
Josh Doubles of Backseat Buzz, and Kimyon. Curated by Koan Jeffrey Baysa. 
It would be great if you could make either,
if not the gallery is open from tues-sat 11am-6pm

I like to Thank to Kelly for arranging our tickets to be rushed to our Hotel, So we could watch YSL Retrospective just in time! The door opens at 10:00 am and I highly recommend you to purchase the ticket before you get there due to the popularity of the show you may end up standing for a long time in the line to buy the ticket.

IMG_0765God, I felt so Nervous waiting and  getting one step closer to Petit Palais’ Grand Entrance and the exhibition. Just like when I was 5 years old, the Santa came to our daycare. I remember my 2 sweaty little palms rubbing over my little pleated skirt. I was about to go say hi to him!



IMG_0785Entering and My heart beating fast!


The initial of the First room: Yves Saint Laurent 1936-2008. There are total 15 rooms through out the exhibition housing 300 haute couture models with a selection of pictures, drawings and films. This Retrospective was made possible under the patronage of Madam Carla Bruni-Sarkozy: The ex-super model who worked closely with Yves Saint Laurent and the current first lady of France.

His general approach to Fashion and Leading ahead provoked me to think about what I do and what I contribute as a designer and also as a simple human being. How much Do I Push Myself to loose fear in general and pour my guts and soul out in creative way? A big question.


IMG_0790Room 2: Dior Years.


IMG_0794The Modern shapes: Cynthia and I were talking about how modern these looked. The head wrap and tunic, You can put these on and step right out today and will look so chick.

IMG_0796The boxy cropped boy cut with sexy drapy blouse. Quite beautiful. The over sized pockets are fabulous!


IMG_0798Saint Laurent was a leader. He initiated brand new things. He gave answers to need. He drove the fashion world and a new life style: “Pants” for Women, New Tuxedo= the Smoking, City Safari and so much more. He said, ” Fashions come and go , style is eternal”

IMG_0801The room 6: Catherine Denevue, Respect and admiration at First sight. Quote from the walking guide. ” In 1965 she walks into the boutique on rue Spontini with a model cut out of “Elle”. The actress is 22 years old and already a symbol of French womanhood.  Two years later Yves Saint Laurent will create her wardrobe for the film she makes with Bunuel. ” She has a marvellous heart” he used to say.  This room was set up to remind her closet. Small and intimate. No Mannequins. I loved it.

IMG_0805Room 11: Imaginary Journeys. There are total 44 models inspired by his traveling through Spain, Russia, India, China, Japan and Africa, especially Morocco. As all of us know Morocco has been his love of Life. Morocco was a only country he visited repeatedly. He ended up purchasing a house called Villa Mabrouka, or House of Luck in 1998 with his partner Pierre Berge. Yves Saint Laurent later said about his Russian collection was a very important break through for him as a designer. The Russian collection really brought him his best creativity to work through the entire collection working with every single colors from the paintings and experience and emotions he had from Russia.

IMG_0807The room 12, Through The Looking -Glass of Art: This room really struck me. It took my breath away. It was the moment to witness Yves Saint Laurent enlightening his work to another level by attributing his masterful Haute Couture to his well respected Artists as Mondrian( the first Art actually he owned), Matisse, Bonard, Pablo Picasso, Tom Wesselman, Jean Cocteau, Georges Braque, Vincent Van Gough, Serge Poliakoff and Bambara Art…

My heart started moving in pieces and my eyes became teary…

IMG_0810A tribute to Georges Braque, also you can find this photo on the page 325 of the Hard cover book published with the Exhibition: Yves Saint Laurent

IMG_0813The Tribute to Mondrian and Tom Wesselman.

IMG_0814Knitted Wool Wedding Dress, 1965: It reminds me of Russian doll. You can find much better photo on page 250. the dress in the exhibition led the public to the Room 13, The Last Ball room and Room 14 or i rather call ‘The Smoking Wall”.

IMG_0815The room 13, The Last Ball Room : Puccini in my year, Yves Saint Laurent at my heart. I just broke down. I was deep into this unbelievable beauty and style created by one and only Yves Saint Laurent and the Era I never have been. The room also offered lovely velvet covered bench along the wall so you can sit down and enjoy the grand view of this room.



In year 2002, The Last Runway show of Yves Saint Laurent himself: The Retrospective.  The Exhibition is featuring every piece from this runway. And right outside of the entrance to the first room had videos running for the public.







IMG_0846His Last Bow. 2002

Walking out of the Exhibition, I felt like Julia Roberts in the film, “Pretty Woman” where the Scene she breaks out in tears watching La Traviata by Verdi in the box, opera house….  It was unbelievable feeling to have.

Break your piggy bank. Skip your bag of the season. This YSL Retrospective is one enough Single reason to be in Paris. The show runs till August 29 this year.

And I pay a huge credit and respect to Petit Palais who executed this beautiful exhibition with all the right lighting, well thought out innovative layout,  different and exiting dynamic from the room to room. I can’t just imagine seeing this exhibition in any other place!



IMG_0868 The court yard of Petit Palais

IMG_0775Like a little girl in front of a candy shop.


As much as I like to share lots of photos of Paris, Parisians are bit protective of their images and trademarks. And I totally understand and I respect it. But it gets bit difficult for me because I Love to take pictures as all of you can see!  Sometimes I wish I have an invisible camera to capture them all…!

Kelly, Cynthia and I are going to go see the Retrospective of YSL at Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris.  www.yslretrospective.com ( yes the green is the color so I’m using it!) But I am not sure if I would be able to take some pictures there… Anyway, this event really excites me VERY much and I can’t wait to be there. There will be about 300 master pieces from Sir Yves Saint Laurent’s last 40 years of work.

yslLet’s see If I can steal some images from the exhibition, then I would definitely share them with you. So stay tuned. By the way, below is the Petit Palais entrance. (well, actually it’s not that small) Isn’t it quite gorgeous?



Now moving onto fun moments today at corners of Paris. By the way, I thought the Green was the color. Wasn’t it? So much yellow on the street.   



IMG_0692Gael, I thought you would love this picture of Eiffel tower!  

IMG_0655This lady with a lovely black cape was very flattered when I asked if I could take picture of her. thank you… 

IMG_0666One of many beautiful bridges over the Seine

IMG_0653A man with fur (believe me I love this look!),

IMG_0682City Hall

IMG_0694A cone headed mannequin 

IMG_0685It’s hard to believe these are not Real flowers. They are hand made silk ones. You will see these silk flower shops through out the city.

IMG_0683A cool park with a ping pong table.



It’s consistent as Berlin, the shades of GREEN off the Khaki, grey and blue or light pink. Pop of hot pink and dusty pink off the orange, red, purple and again the khaki. Neon also feels nice.

Have fun browsing colors from Paris!





















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