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On a way to Valladolid, we stopped by at a couple of Mayan souvenir shops on the road. You know how usual Souvenir shops are… but one really stood out from others and quite inviting. Airy, looking more interesting somehow.

Yeah!  Pretty much I felt like I hit the Jack Pot! Beautiful rustic traditional terracotta potteries, home made Pinata in work hanging from the ceiling, beautiful rich garden and the most graceful Mayan owners of the place. ( by the way this place does not have a name…)

IMG_8832Hand made,12 hour baked then decorated Mexican traditional terracotta potteries. We got one of this mega size ones for the holidays and dinners with friends: you  can do so called ” Cazuela” , the one big pot dish baked or simmered with broth in the oven. They come in all different sizes and shapes. They also come in as small plates and bowls. You can cook food in these terracotta pots on the stove top or inside oven. The secret to use it for the first time is to rub the bottom where the flame will hit with Garlic, which suppose to help not to penetrate the odor or the flavor of the flame through the pottery.


IMG_8837Then, while  I was taking pics of these poterries, I couldn’t ignore interesting looking outdoor kitchen behind through the camera lense: a man cooking something on the wood chip fire pit. He was cleaning chilli peppers and checking on something time to time…



I walked up to him and said with my broken Spanish that I really loved his Kitchen. Then That was it! I met Don Diego. The owner of the shop and a proud man of the family with beautiful wife and life he built where he is now with his gorgeous crib and a lush jungle like garden!


IMG_8854Wow , Check this out. His Paella! and black beans getting socked for his home made tortillas. This man knows how to cook! He told me he was waiting for his companies to arrive to have lunch together. In my head… “Don Diego , Can you please invite us to join you? I’m dying to taste them!”


IMG_8856Serrano chilli. Don Diego’s hand holding it.


Then he wanted to give all of us a tour of his beautiful lush garden and the house he built. And they are gorgeous!







Below are the Pinatas in progress: drying up hanging from the ceiling.. I must say I much prefer this newspapered simple sphere ones. They are somewhat Modern and cool. They look almost like an Art installation.



IMG_8887Don Diego greeting his just arrived guests. (mmm Yum!!)

Don Diego, Thank you for the wonderful tour and your graceful authority and pride you shared with us. For your land, for your family and as a man yourself.  You just made our trip that much more special!


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