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Edgar is our main contact for our interest in real estate in Tulum. The more we travel the more interesting people we meet. We meet we talk we share. From Mexico city to Tulum changing his life yet growing bigger dream to build a top notch artist, sound and photo studio in the middle of jungle of  Tulum.  Meet our new friend, Edgar and his Sound Design for Hasta Los Huesos!

Edgar says, “Well, Hasta los Huesos is a 9 minute short film that took 2 years and a half to finish it, you know, everything was sponsored, materials, film, and everybody’s work. About 80% of the sound design was made specifically for this short and the other 20% was from sound libraries. It took me almost 4 months to do the 9 minutes, and mix it in THX.
I remember playing 64 tracks at the same time, it was awesome! The music was done by the best Mexican rock band called Cafe Tacuba. The animation is in stop motion which is frame by frame, and the director is Rene Castillo from Guadalajara.”

Long chatting and long night over the bottles of wine with Edgar and Jorje at Edgar’s home. Great place and great time!






IMG_8762Edgar, Thank you for having us. Gracias por la tua Hospitalidad!! Keep building your sound and dream!


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