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pianoMy favorite piece from the show and Kudo to this aluminum cast printed and painted wall. Excellent space and the perfect piece in it. Emi didn’t care for the color of the melting Piano but I do like it. Not the most stylish color itself  but I do think it works against or along the quietly traveling mystique hues of cocoa to grey to purple to green to grey to…. Love it. Modern and warm at the same time, which I find not so easy to pull off.



urs-fischerAluminum cast was the dominant material of  Fischer’s show this time. The scene of this room somewhat reminded me of below scene in the film, Avatar. Floating mountains up in the air where human and Avatars ended up having a battle.


_MG_1962fI had much fun walking around this room. Individual piece was done in the same concept. Each single object was photographed from the bird’s eye’s view and also 4 different angles of side view and lastly the bottom view, then silk screened onto the sheet of mirrored chrome steel. So single object was digitally deconstructed and then put back together to be made into boxed mass yet shows 2-d flat images of each and more views. I like this play. They are fun. And the best thing about this room is You. You navigating through this room. Randomly ( or very carefully) placed mirrored boxes also reflect yourself. I sometimes got shocked to see myself coming through just walking by it. I didn’t expect to see myself. But there I am . I felt I became active part of the whole installation. And other visitors and the guards. They all get to participate. I thought this room was brilliant!


IMG_7616By the way, New Museum’s elevator. My favorite space was the ground level where there is a nice glass walled room to the back and a book shop. I don’t belive the building is all that well built. The finishingn on the floor and the wall is all bit sloppy and surprisingly feeling smaller than what I imagined. The Book shop on the ground floor carries many interesting objects and great books. The Urs Fischer’s exibition runs through Feb 7th. Go check it out. I enjoyed it.



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2 Comments so far

  1. bob on May 14, 2010 9:12 am

    Did you miss the fact that the whole room with the piano had been photographed and printed back onto its original place? (slightly off, for effect) and the ceiling lowered and recreated just as it would have been?

  2. jaehee on May 15, 2010 3:15 am

    bob, noNONo, You are right! I did get it but somehow I forgot to write it!! I really enjoyed the show. Did you?