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The back ground music is all by Mariachi and there is general significant influence of Mexico’s culture yet I also see Masai warriors ( Hair braiding and metal work around face gear and chains), Indonesian Goddess ( Drapes, multiple bangles on the models arms and Lotus motifs), Native American Indians ( Feathers and leather fringes), Spanish Bull fighters ( Bolero and romantic Tassels), even the film Mad Max warriors (That Futuristic junk yard found like metal gears, nuts and bolts). Am I missing anything? Sure I do!  The strong usage of Palms of Jungles. Maori from New Zealand. The incredible technique of weaving the palms that is only possible by Tribal! I bet Gautier had hired some serious natives out of jungles to come and weave all those dresses and sombrero up. And what else, I even see Pyrites. You know what I mean.

Genius work of Gautier. The best part is Gautier Mixed and Twisted the part “Culture” and the part “Materials”.  Let’s start!

1Mariachi meets Native American Indian. Genius use of white silk along the sleeve as feather like as how Native Indians would wear.

2All she needed was a rose in her mouth. Mexican Hammock and Spanish Flamenco meets here. Even bit of Pyrite attitude.

3Very Gautier way to cut the suit. Mannish Sexiness. Sombrero re born in Gautier’s hands.

4Masai’s Hair braiding. She’s fearless. Basket weaving of Maori of Jungle. And Part Naomi Campbell. I would buy this one.

5This one even has bit of 70′s Shanghai appeal. The printed floral but again twisted by Mariachi pants cut. Frog button closure . Tunic jacket really sets the Shanghai mood.

6This is very core to Mexico. The painted table cloth stripe!

7Here comes Masai wearing Mad Max Indonesian Goddess dress. Awesome!!!!! I would like to own this one too. The whole mad max pieces included. Need 10 more inches of leg.

8Unbelievable  work of basket weaving. Ombre!

9Airy and sweet Masai.

10Native American Indian vibe amazing basket weave blazer and Shanghai Spanish wrap skirt. Masai hair.

12Mexican hammock meets Native American Indian weaving fringe dress.

13Amazing American Indian Fringes and Indonesian beads all over her.

15Leather basket weave fringe dress. Simply Stunning! I would like to have this too!

17Ombre knife pleats works as Native American Indian feathers!

18Mad Max, Madonna, Mexican needle crochet work. If I can choose only one , This is my dress!

19Spanish line meets Sombrero and enchanting Aztec symbols.

20Masai Goddess.

21Palms and his Corset. This is drop dead gorgeous. You have to see how everything moves when the model walks down the runway!

22My Sincere standing ovation to you, Mr. Gautier!


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