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Honestly, I got all distracted by surrounding beauty of formal Williamsburgh Savings Bank, I did not get to see any of stuff at the market. Wow, the space blew my mind. It was packed. The space made everything looked much better than what it was.

Stepping in. It hits me with this grand gorgeous view and Miles Davis’ Panthalassa: the remix by king Britt, Dj Cam, Doc Scott echos under the 20-30 foot ceiling.  It’s awesome.




IMG_7703The vendors take every inch of the space. It’s great to see everything is still there. Look at this beautiful teller’s window!

IMG_7695Looking out to main hall through the formal service office.




IMG_1166The view from the Mezzanine.

IMG_7713Then there would be many of these raw industrial looking rooms as well filled with visitors and vendors. The vibe is great!


IMG_7719Aren’t they all great? I find the Brooklyn flea is getting better and better.


IMG_7724A great look! love her soft hair and worn in denim jacket and a hat.

IMG_7731Then here comes a real eccentric flea marketer. I always love them. They add so much spice to fun of flea market. I have to go back one day without my boys just to browse and browse and take pics of people.


IMG_7726Windows and more windows.  They are so beautiful!


IMG_1163The shadow of metal work follows right after the metal work itself creating this beautiful image.


IMG_7737God I love all of these old signs you can see everywhere.

IMG_7736Cute combo of fur and floral but not granny.

IMG_1175Now at the basement level. Yes we are going into the safe through this enormous and amazing vault door. Everyone was moving so it was hard for me to get the still shot.

IMG_1177Food vendors are in and out side of the safe. Good portion of inside is used for seating. It literally had ” underground party” vibe. Very cool.

IMG_1180Gael showing off his find of the day, $2.00 sparky robot. While he runs, he sparks!!!


By the end of March, The Brooklyn Flea will be moving out from the formal bank and go back to good old Fort Greene and Dumbo.  So Don’t miss this opportunity to see flea at this amazing space. I think this is the hottest home so far.



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  1. kaja on January 29, 2010 5:58 pm

    jaehee my darling. the ceiling is more like 65 feet. don’t be shy with guestimations. i agree, it makes the flea look so much cooler.