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The thing is I am not from US. I came to America, well to NY ( and NY is really not America) when I was well grown up of age, 22-23?  So, I kind of guess what it is all like but  I’ll only learn through Gael growing up here in Brooklyn. But again it will be never the same as how it was then.

The interesting thing is that now we have the movie Sophomore directed by T.lee Beideck, then there is a short film made by designer Sophomore for their Spring 2010 collection, practically a look book.  And I’m loving the juxtapose of what then and then of the fresh 10th grades. The naive and fun nostalgia of Beideck’s movie VS  raw and freshness of Sophomores moment in time for Designer Chrissie Miller. It’s almost like dorks VS cool kids.

Now check these out. I love them.

The film, Sophomore written and directed by T.Lee Beideck

Sophomore Spring 2010 look book directed by Cass Bird.

stills-pull-10_20-031Check out the website for more photos of the look book. Downtown Cool. www.sophomorenyc.com


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