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Take the C train to Clinton Washington | Map

Oh What a beautiful day it was today!  Sunny and warm! We took a nice walk around in our neighbor, Clintonhill.

Time to time, we love to stop by at REPOP, 68 Washington Avenue. Honestly we are bit bored with all that mid century stuffs for a while now, but Repop has a good balance of things that are also from farms, eccentric artist’s studios or Dr’s office that add bit more of different style to a whole mix.  /www.repopny.com/

IMG_7537Trying on a hat. I was loving this mirror image of the reflection of the back ground  wall and all the interesting objects surrounding. We were laughing at coincident of my sweater vest and the hat…! Haha

IMG_7542Love the feather and the cross embroidery with metal thread and velvet applique. It’s quite beautiful.

IMG_7525Sorry to cat lovers… But I must admit that I am very fascinated by everything and anything that is to do with Laboratories. This is preserved Cat’s nerve system in a glass case.


IMG_7521Awesome painting. It’s a gorgeous painting. Faces. Colors. Love the little boy’s blazer becomes the wall paper or the wall becomes his blazer. Either way, I love this one.

IMG_7509I really like Repop’s sudden twists on their styling. There would be enough pieces of real taxidermies, then they would throw a couple of sculpted faux taxidermies in the mix. It just gets better that way.







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