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It has been a while for us to walk around the Manhattan like we did today.  I work way too much during the week, so I don’t mind just ” being” at cozy home with Emi and Gael on the weekends.

But the weather was pretty nice today( 48 F) and we have a long weekend a head of us, so we wanted to give a shot at Manhattan to run a couple of errand and also just enjoy the city. Wow, Soho over the weekend is way too crowded now. I don’t see any more beautiful people  and feel that special energy I used to see and feel. It’s all shops and more shops and way too many people.

Nolita is maybe bit better. Still there are many small boutiques believe in doing what they are doing carrying on making dress shirts, selling vintages, one of kind bridal gowns or selling crapes. From Nolita we had walked to lower east side. Katz was still standing ( I thought they were closing?) and Las Venus was still there ( this used to be our weekly stop in back in the days) and what else, oh the Sombrero Mexican place where you can get frozen margarita to go in a paper cup so no one knows what you are sipping on the street is still there too.

IMG_7313Starting with stopping by at Grand Daisy Bakery , 73 Sullivan Street , Soho ( for some reason, I thought all these years this bakery was called Sullivan street bakery, but it’s not!)

IMG_7304Yum yum yum, love how everything is handled here in this shop. Famous for their bread and Pizza. The thoughtful thin and crispy crust, bold and simple flavor of core ingredient and even the paper they serve the pizza in. Just divine and just perfect! This is zucchini pizza.

IMG_7305Potato and rosemary= The perfection!

IMG_7314The one and only Hardware store in the heart of Soho. Spring Street. I’m always amazed by this store for the fabulous look but also the stubborn spirit of keep it going. I’m always surprised this has not taken by Disney store or something yet.

IMG_7331Some shopping at “Inven.Tory” , 237 Lafayette street, Nolita. Good menswear. They had good sale going on.


IMG_7367A charming dress shirt maker on Elizabeth street, Nolita. Elizabeth street is one of my favorite in Nolita. Famous high end vintage shop Resurrection is on this and also other many small businesses that make this street more special!  I realized the shop ” Zero” was closed down on Elizabeth street.

IMG_7375Always great double RL window. Mr. Lauren, thank you for not making every store of  yours so big and enornous. This one in Nolita is just perfect!

IMG_7376Emiliano’s favorite shop in Nolita. “In God we trust”, 265 Lafayette street; a great all American/speak easy/army navy vintage store. They have great selection of vintage boots and jackets. Very authentic and Menswear focused. Emi got a nice pair of old motorcycle boots. Very sexy!



IMG_7391The friendly shop helper offered Gael to try this vintage ski helmet. haha, Gael thought he looked like a mushroom. I love the double layered strap details. It does look bit too tall on him. Baby bello?


IMG_7398Going back tomorrow to see “Urs Fischer” exhibition. Can’t wait!


IMG_7404New Favorite store found in Lower east side. ” Assembly NY”, 174 Ludlow street. //assemblynewyork.com/ What a great store! Mix of re-worked vintage such as over dyed with added or reworked detail. Vintage uniform inspired great pants and more pants. Some imported designer’s.  All mixed and work great together. Love it!

To end a long fun city day? Good coktails ( all cocktails are done with Korean Soju and they are delicious) and good Korean food at Bonjoo, 107 1st Avenue, East Vilage.


Recently Emi found this TV show from 1940′s on Youtube and we are hooked on it!

The things is we (oh well, Americans) used to be so much more classy and stylish then. These TV personas were swanky and witty. The kind of language they had used, the tone and the glam.  And What happened? Full of garbage on TV now.

By the way, Keep your eyes on the blind folds in these shows! They are awesome!



This braised short ribs are  a little heaven for cold winter days.  See, I like to cook and I like to eat!  I share my recipe here with you. Only one thing, I go by my eyes and weight in my hand. In fact, I can’t bake anything but I’m a good cook.

This is somewhat Korean style by using soy sauce and bit of brown sugar, but sometimes, I find them too sweet. So my version is bit lighter and bit more delicate. And they are delicious!

I like hot steamy white rice with it but hey you don’t need to. Just fresh salad on the side will be perfect with a nice glass of red.

1.OK. Start with some fresh well marbleized short ribs. I like to trim chunks of fat from them. You know skinny jeans are my everyday jean. Do bit of salt and fresh black pepper.


2. Koreans like to use natural acid of fruit as pear, kiwi or pineapple to tenderize the meat.  But a good pear is way to go for the Ribs. See you should really use Asian pear, but this still works.


3. Brown the meat in the hot sizzling pot with chunks of onion. More pepper the better (for me!). mmm it smells delicious!


4. Add stock or water. I added good old NY tab water, chunks of garlic, pepper corns. Let them start boiling on the high flame. Do you see that foam?  They should go. Get rid of it.


5. After the juice reduces and meet is getting cooked and tenderizing it’s time to ” simmer” not “boil”. Lower the heat, add fresh chunks of carrots,  soy sauce, bit of brown sugar, bit more fresh garlic and chopped green onion. Simmer it for a few hours until it becomes more like the half meet and the half broth/sauce.



10 more minutes of quick fire, and ready!


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10 day non stop hard work dry stress was broken into pieces by Avatar’s greatest fantasy at it’s max. Thank you James Cameron.








By the way, the movie reminded me of Alexander McQueen’s Spring 10 runway.











IMG_7136 The last and the first time I skied was in 1993 when I was staying at my aunt’s place in Englewood, N.J  If I’m not mistaking, we went to Pocono for a day or 2 . I don’t even recall it all well.( Yoonhee, Do you remember?)  But I remember myself being quite brave and kept getting on the lift and would come down (quite fast) thinking I would break my neck in any second. And that was it.

But this time, I took $15 group lesson for the beginners and I did graduate it in a half of the time it should have taken leaving good 7 of 9 year old kids behind. Feeling very much proud, I started skiing today and did not break anything and Yes as you can see I did gone up on the lift again! Thank you Tamara for all the good tips you gave me! The view of the ski slopes and the mountains from the lift was breath-taking!

IMG_7130Believe me I look so much better parked here than while I’m skiing. hahahahahaha

But the real highlight was Gael’s First Snow boarding! He was beaming the whole time from renting out his snow board, then putting the shoes on, then getting out there. Gael felt bit nervous that he hurried through his tuna sandwiches Tamara made.


IMG_7123Gael with David, the instructor and holding on to the tow lift. Gael said, many times, ” It was the best thing that I ever did in my whole life.”  or ” Dad, can you please call me as a Snow boarder?”  haha. Now, watch Gael snow boarding!

I think there will be much more to come.

We are back to NY for New Year’s from Tulum. We are at upstate NY and it has been snowing all day and it’s still going on. It’s beautiful up here. Either it’s hot tropics or cold snowing mountains, the beauty of Nature always touches me. Something that just a digital camera can’t capture all. But I try.

Here I have a day sketch of  Beautiful NY state.














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