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If that was a hat, beard, glasses, shaggy fur, cut of hair, attitude or the big smile, all these good looking Sellers shined today at the Brooklyn Flea!











The back ground music is all by Mariachi and there is general significant influence of Mexico’s culture yet I also see Masai warriors ( Hair braiding and metal work around face gear and chains), Indonesian Goddess ( Drapes, multiple bangles on the models arms and Lotus motifs), Native American Indians ( Feathers and leather fringes), Spanish Bull fighters ( Bolero and romantic Tassels), even the film Mad Max warriors (That Futuristic junk yard found like metal gears, nuts and bolts). Am I missing anything? Sure I do!  The strong usage of Palms of Jungles. Maori from New Zealand. The incredible technique of weaving the palms that is only possible by Tribal! I bet Gautier had hired some serious natives out of jungles to come and weave all those dresses and sombrero up. And what else, I even see Pyrites. You know what I mean.

Genius work of Gautier. The best part is Gautier Mixed and Twisted the part “Culture” and the part “Materials”.  Let’s start!

1Mariachi meets Native American Indian. Genius use of white silk along the sleeve as feather like as how Native Indians would wear.

2All she needed was a rose in her mouth. Mexican Hammock and Spanish Flamenco meets here. Even bit of Pyrite attitude.

3Very Gautier way to cut the suit. Mannish Sexiness. Sombrero re born in Gautier’s hands.

4Masai’s Hair braiding. She’s fearless. Basket weaving of Maori of Jungle. And Part Naomi Campbell. I would buy this one.

5This one even has bit of 70′s Shanghai appeal. The printed floral but again twisted by Mariachi pants cut. Frog button closure . Tunic jacket really sets the Shanghai mood.

6This is very core to Mexico. The painted table cloth stripe!

7Here comes Masai wearing Mad Max Indonesian Goddess dress. Awesome!!!!! I would like to own this one too. The whole mad max pieces included. Need 10 more inches of leg.

8Unbelievable  work of basket weaving. Ombre!

9Airy and sweet Masai.

10Native American Indian vibe amazing basket weave blazer and Shanghai Spanish wrap skirt. Masai hair.

12Mexican hammock meets Native American Indian weaving fringe dress.

13Amazing American Indian Fringes and Indonesian beads all over her.

15Leather basket weave fringe dress. Simply Stunning! I would like to have this too!

17Ombre knife pleats works as Native American Indian feathers!

18Mad Max, Madonna, Mexican needle crochet work. If I can choose only one , This is my dress!

19Spanish line meets Sombrero and enchanting Aztec symbols.

20Masai Goddess.

21Palms and his Corset. This is drop dead gorgeous. You have to see how everything moves when the model walks down the runway!

22My Sincere standing ovation to you, Mr. Gautier!

This is why any Couture  dress will cost $7000.00. Easily.

Honestly, I got all distracted by surrounding beauty of formal Williamsburgh Savings Bank, I did not get to see any of stuff at the market. Wow, the space blew my mind. It was packed. The space made everything looked much better than what it was.

Stepping in. It hits me with this grand gorgeous view and Miles Davis’ Panthalassa: the remix by king Britt, Dj Cam, Doc Scott echos under the 20-30 foot ceiling.  It’s awesome.




IMG_7703The vendors take every inch of the space. It’s great to see everything is still there. Look at this beautiful teller’s window!

IMG_7695Looking out to main hall through the formal service office.




IMG_1166The view from the Mezzanine.

IMG_7713Then there would be many of these raw industrial looking rooms as well filled with visitors and vendors. The vibe is great!


IMG_7719Aren’t they all great? I find the Brooklyn flea is getting better and better.


IMG_7724A great look! love her soft hair and worn in denim jacket and a hat.

IMG_7731Then here comes a real eccentric flea marketer. I always love them. They add so much spice to fun of flea market. I have to go back one day without my boys just to browse and browse and take pics of people.


IMG_7726Windows and more windows.  They are so beautiful!


IMG_1163The shadow of metal work follows right after the metal work itself creating this beautiful image.


IMG_7737God I love all of these old signs you can see everywhere.

IMG_7736Cute combo of fur and floral but not granny.

IMG_1175Now at the basement level. Yes we are going into the safe through this enormous and amazing vault door. Everyone was moving so it was hard for me to get the still shot.

IMG_1177Food vendors are in and out side of the safe. Good portion of inside is used for seating. It literally had ” underground party” vibe. Very cool.

IMG_1180Gael showing off his find of the day, $2.00 sparky robot. While he runs, he sparks!!!


By the end of March, The Brooklyn Flea will be moving out from the formal bank and go back to good old Fort Greene and Dumbo.  So Don’t miss this opportunity to see flea at this amazing space. I think this is the hottest home so far.


pianoMy favorite piece from the show and Kudo to this aluminum cast printed and painted wall. Excellent space and the perfect piece in it. Emi didn’t care for the color of the melting Piano but I do like it. Not the most stylish color itself  but I do think it works against or along the quietly traveling mystique hues of cocoa to grey to purple to green to grey to…. Love it. Modern and warm at the same time, which I find not so easy to pull off.



urs-fischerAluminum cast was the dominant material of  Fischer’s show this time. The scene of this room somewhat reminded me of below scene in the film, Avatar. Floating mountains up in the air where human and Avatars ended up having a battle.


_MG_1962fI had much fun walking around this room. Individual piece was done in the same concept. Each single object was photographed from the bird’s eye’s view and also 4 different angles of side view and lastly the bottom view, then silk screened onto the sheet of mirrored chrome steel. So single object was digitally deconstructed and then put back together to be made into boxed mass yet shows 2-d flat images of each and more views. I like this play. They are fun. And the best thing about this room is You. You navigating through this room. Randomly ( or very carefully) placed mirrored boxes also reflect yourself. I sometimes got shocked to see myself coming through just walking by it. I didn’t expect to see myself. But there I am . I felt I became active part of the whole installation. And other visitors and the guards. They all get to participate. I thought this room was brilliant!


IMG_7616By the way, New Museum’s elevator. My favorite space was the ground level where there is a nice glass walled room to the back and a book shop. I don’t belive the building is all that well built. The finishingn on the floor and the wall is all bit sloppy and surprisingly feeling smaller than what I imagined. The Book shop on the ground floor carries many interesting objects and great books. The Urs Fischer’s exibition runs through Feb 7th. Go check it out. I enjoyed it.


The thing is I am not from US. I came to America, well to NY ( and NY is really not America) when I was well grown up of age, 22-23?  So, I kind of guess what it is all like but  I’ll only learn through Gael growing up here in Brooklyn. But again it will be never the same as how it was then.

The interesting thing is that now we have the movie Sophomore directed by T.lee Beideck, then there is a short film made by designer Sophomore for their Spring 2010 collection, practically a look book.  And I’m loving the juxtapose of what then and then of the fresh 10th grades. The naive and fun nostalgia of Beideck’s movie VS  raw and freshness of Sophomores moment in time for Designer Chrissie Miller. It’s almost like dorks VS cool kids.

Now check these out. I love them.

The film, Sophomore written and directed by T.Lee Beideck

Sophomore Spring 2010 look book directed by Cass Bird.

stills-pull-10_20-031Check out the website for more photos of the look book. Downtown Cool. www.sophomorenyc.com

Shortly after my brother left us, our dearest sitter Angela got Gael a little betta. Gale loves him  and his name is Fire. Fire had moved from his usual spot in the living room to Gael’s little desk next to his bed, so they can keep a company to each other at night.








Oh What a beautiful day it was today!  Sunny and warm! We took a nice walk around in our neighbor, Clintonhill.

Time to time, we love to stop by at REPOP, 68 Washington Avenue. Honestly we are bit bored with all that mid century stuffs for a while now, but Repop has a good balance of things that are also from farms, eccentric artist’s studios or Dr’s office that add bit more of different style to a whole mix.  /www.repopny.com/

IMG_7537Trying on a hat. I was loving this mirror image of the reflection of the back ground  wall and all the interesting objects surrounding. We were laughing at coincident of my sweater vest and the hat…! Haha

IMG_7542Love the feather and the cross embroidery with metal thread and velvet applique. It’s quite beautiful.

IMG_7525Sorry to cat lovers… But I must admit that I am very fascinated by everything and anything that is to do with Laboratories. This is preserved Cat’s nerve system in a glass case.


IMG_7521Awesome painting. It’s a gorgeous painting. Faces. Colors. Love the little boy’s blazer becomes the wall paper or the wall becomes his blazer. Either way, I love this one.

IMG_7509I really like Repop’s sudden twists on their styling. There would be enough pieces of real taxidermies, then they would throw a couple of sculpted faux taxidermies in the mix. It just gets better that way.






You may see bit more plaids, but hey keep it in the closet. Or add some piping or something to it. It gets all more graphic. Bring out all your animal instinct and Dare to mix it with bold patterns and high tech materials. 2010 Pre-fall is all the way modern glam and there’s no second thought about it!  Love the different use of black pants off  the flirty to work look.

From the top: Lanvin, Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Celine, Alexander Wang.


Why not with good food. The better the better. Catching up with Jessica at “Gen” today. It’s raining outside. It’s cozy inside. So we stay and chat and eat and chat and drink.

Great weekend brunch special starts at $12.00 with organic green tea, soup and bowl of rice. Gen, 659 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn.

IMG_7412Salted grilled Salmon, Miso soup, salmon roll, potato salad sandwiched in grilled yam.

IMG_7415Home made sesame tofu ( had this soft yet stickier texture), seaweed salad, seafood gratin.

IMG_7409I call it “Furry dragon lying down over the rice island blessed by deep brown home made veggie curry ocean”. Spicy and excellent hearty flavor ( Not so usual thick and dense texture. It was rather light and peppery)

IMG_7406Organic matcha green tea.

IMG_7411Jess’ choice. Salmon, sashimi, egg maki, grilled yam potato salad sandwich and miso.

IMG_7417Easy breeze decor and friendly vibe. ( Love the Japanese musician staffs with dreadlocks!!) The whole menu reminds me of those small local food bars in Tokyo: like 6 hour braised pork belly with ginger and soy, beef shank, oyster fritters and much more. Sushi and sashimi are really fresh!

genOur favorite sushi roll here is ” Melting in the mouth”: White tuna roll. It melts in your mouth. last time with tania, we maybe had like 7 rolls of them.

IMG_3997This one’s from the last time. Braised daikon and fresh cod, veggie frittata, a roll and crispy sweet rice. Below with braised beef shank.


IMG_7431Spiderman looking out the window.

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