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So, Samchung dong’s real charm is Coexistence of old and new. Modern day living in traditional space. All these business owners show how you do it.


One of many big and small cafes… 2 leveled with multiple entrances and completed with a wooden enclosed deck. I heard this one opened around a year ago and is very popular. By the way, in Seoul, valet parking is a very common thing.






IMG_5301This little box like standing alone building is a Dry Cleaner. Love the sign!

IMG_5344A cute coffee shop. They also carry small line of Vitra product in the cafe. A very common concept in Seoul and similar to ones in Stockholm, Sweden.  A space that has it all: clothing, books, coffee, cut hair… You name it!

IMG_5315This coffee shop was covered with many small pieces of whatever paper. Funny place.


This is straight out from my childhood! Sticky rice power dough with sweet syrup inside then fried on a hot griddle. We call it Ho-ttuck. Crispy and Sweet. Delicious!!!!!!!!! And the fun factor is that this is out of Rice shop. Very Korean!

IMG_5318People are lined up to get into a place of this traditional Korean sticky rice cake dish, “Ttuck bokki”: thick strings of rice cake are cut off into pieces and cooked and stir fried on a pan with spicy chili paste, sugar, crushed garlic, soy sauce, veggies and fish cakes. You have to taste it to know what it is like!

IMG_5297This beautiful rustic modern house is a Korean BBQ house, Danpung namu.  Doesn’t this house look like one from the Dwell magazine?


Surrounding rock and metal cased fence. Cool, ha?



IMG_5323Mid Century Modern and Antique shop.


IMG_5293This one was the most non Korean one I saw in Samchung dong.



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