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Wow, It amazes me how everything is ruffled out.  Not necessarily  I like them as the dresses are beautiful but somehow I like them. I like the fact everything is so out there. Some of them make me smile. They are crazy. Here I share with you the most over the top ones.







grace-jones-living-my-life_jpgYes they remind me of Grace Jones!

IMG_3256Random window me and Heidi passed by in Paris. Love the patterns and the colors whatever that is creating.


Yohji Yamamoto’s Window, Paris.

IMG_0252A skate boarder’s Shop, Shibuya Tokyo.


IMG_0036Aurora, favorite restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

IMG_0062Moon River Chattel, Wiliamsburg.  They have this beautiful court yard in the back of the store.

IMG_3593 Our rent car window, upstate NY

1036308A window at Arsenal, Venice.


IMG_3778DARR is two hands down the best shop on Atlantic Avenue , Brooklyn.

I have a vintage business and I love it but it’s true that I’m bit bored with too much of mid-century stuff. I prefer different things from the different era and different things from the different culture. I like the flair and taste of mix. I dig sense of  “Traveling” in this shop. It’s cool.

IMG_3779It’s a part Speak-easy, a part Serengeti and a part Now, this moment.

IMG_3780Signature items in the shop, beautiful taxidermies. Mountain goats with beard.

IMG_3785The shop owner, Brian Cousins.


I like lofty and airy feel of the shop. Right amount of items with hunky pieces that grounds the entire space but also you will see many small items that are affordable and interests you. Glasses, spoons, pillow cases, post cards, books, amazing posters, always intriguing laboratory tools… They may come from Italy, Vermont, Africa, Portland, India… I only guess. The shop makes you think and imagine the places and smells of where they all may come from. I always imagine this man traveling in a pair of linen pants and well worn out good leather bag, beautifully cut soft blazer and wispy hair and bit of beard… The shop feels masculine in a very nice way  with bohemian flair lying underneath, which feels somewhat sexy.




Lastly , the store front.  Brian’s business partner, a tall and witty man, Hicham spends more time in the newly opened Men’s wear shop across the street.( I do not believe it has particular name? at least outside of the shop…)  The shop carries all the right classic items for the men like Woolrich sweaters, this great looking tooth paste and bottled perfum from Italy, all the right accessories like key chains and bags and more. The clothing shop definitely carries same vibe but in more intimate setting with darker and musk like feel. I wanted to take a few pics of the clothing shop but they were way too busy for that moment so I didn’t want to bother them too much. Please check them out.


369 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY


Prints on prints. Fun mix of colors and tipping.  I like them all and the Scarf -Bunny-Ear-SHOES are simply so Cute!


prada 2

prada 3

prada 4

prada 5

prada 6

prada 7

3 weekends of non stop work and quick trip to Paris and upstate NY and late work days everyday have been quite exhausting. But this weekend was one fine weekend with Emi and Gael. Finally I was able to sleep in, despite having so many thoughts in my head, and lots of good food and wine at home with friends and laid back afternoon strolling in my favorite area, my home Brooklyn.

IMG_3758The first 2 fine dudes on Fulton street near the Havana Outpost.  It’s just fun, isn’t it? Love to see people dress up.

Our Fort Greene Flea has been a smashing hit. Well, it started just kind of OK at the beginning despite how popular the opening day was considering the quality of the vendors. But now it has gotten quite hip with many good looking vintage clothing vendors, soulful groovy house DJ and the famous and delicious taco ladies from Red hook.  It has been a great attraction to NYC fellows and so many Williamsburg hipsters. ( you know what I mean).

Now I feel like entire Fort Greene is turning into one big Flea. Now there are 2 more open lots tucked in between the buildings on Fulton street had turned into small markets.  Still they have more of hand crafty new stuffs rather than true vintage items, but I like to give a few months or another summer for them to grow into real ones. Here’s the one of the best booth by Benjamin Pasteur.


Then we moved down toward the Atlantic avenue where there are ton of Antiques and Mid-century furniture shops and many little small boutiques who carries one of kind small designer’s items to high-end clothing shop such as ‘Butter”.


Always love this flower shop, Dig on  Atlantic Avenue.


A humble and beautiful Antique shop, Assaf Antiques.

IMG_3768 Great window of Butter. Though I think they just changed the shop name to owner’s name instead. Butter usually carries very well edited high end classic items like Rick Owens, Dries, Marni, Paul Smith and more. Always have great atmosphere and newly added farmer’s table for beautiful candles.

Below is her another business, a consignment shop, a few doors down on Atlantic.



IMG_3791Atlantic Avenue still goes through the turmoil of small business closing down not surviving our tough economy. But this one fine outstanding Mid-century shop, C.f has been always there for so so many years and I absolutely love this shop. It’s well organized madness of most beautiful items. He got everything tightly packed in the shop.


IMG_3796The institution of Atlantic Avenue, Horseman Antique.  He got 5 massive floors full of Mid century to farmer’s, a few exotic Asian, traditional antiques and more.  Price ranges from low to high and you can always find something here.


And yes we have Steven Alan in Brooklyn, and it’s perfectly neighbor hood friendly sized and it’s adorable.

We have so many other great things make Brooklyn so special like laid back people and green and lush trees, beautiful parks and farmer’s markets and amazing architects that goes back when the NY state was born. So come out and check out all the good areas like Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Atlantic Avenue, Cobble Hill and Red Hook.

It was such a beautiful day to walk in hands in hands with my boys and inhale crisp autumn air and beautiful sun light.

I finally feel getting re-charged.


Ended by Lady GaGa’s newest song, Bad Romance, this Cyber Fantasy Spring 10 Runway of Alexander McQueen put a big “dot” on the fashion map. The spooky and tall as air traffic controller tower shoes are artful objects.  Maybe not so easy to wear them around, but WHO CARES?!  They are fierce!!!!!!!

And I must credit the workmanship of all of it. I mean Eeeeeverything.

They are not some pretty and naive bunch of shift dresses here. They are way way good complex in fitted shape, which put you in the “cutting-edge-know-how” group rather than cheap version of frumpy uneven typical asymmetrical hemmed Avant Garde wanna be stuffs. When you do it, do it all. Show them what it is all about.

McQueen, You are the God.  http://www.alexandermcqueen.com/

By the way, I also like to share Bjork’s All is Full of Love with you here. They just go so well together.

22shulman01dailyiconCase Study House 22 photographed by Julius Shulman.

On October 9th, the film,” Visual Acoustics”,  about the iceberg in Photography’s world connecting to Modern Architect, Julius Shulman has been released. The film starrs Dustin Hoffman who practically narrates the entire film, and the photographer himself, Shulman who died on July, 17 2009.

Shulman had brought fame to number of mid-20th century modern architects and made him a household name.  Since the 30′s , Shulman had worked for many clients like Rudolf M. Schindler, Gregory Ain, Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Eames, Raphael S. Soriano, John Lautner, Eero Saarinen, Albert Frey, Pierre Koenig, Harwell Harris who were all pioneers of contemporary architecture.



The film is supposed to be biographical documentary of the photographer including tons of beautiful images of his work. There’s no any rate yet but I assume this would be a great chance to know about the legendary photographer who worked through the surrealism and long lived through postmodernism.
Check out the trailer.



I have this thing for the bird. The feathers, the open wings slicing thin air, feather pens, as soft as they are and as hard as they are , they are all amazing. Something that just “Fur” would not do, Something more sophisticated, definitely regal and somewhat mysterious about it. Love birds. Citizen K international shows one of my favorite subject in October Issue and I dig it.


These Shoes do it. They are like 1000 x blown up eagle’s ones. Nina Ricchi. Not sure If you could walk in them, but  I find them quite striking. Haha Can you imagine me or you standing in these on the subway station waiting for a C train to work?  You must need leggings.

IMG_3640Vintage 1930′s feather and tulle bonnet.  I always had collected little buns and hats from the 30′s and 40′s. at LACASAPARK. $120.00 Oh and there are a few more around the bird theme at the shop.


This dress right here is from the Martin Margiela’s limited  “Artisanal” edition.  He only had designed and actually produced handful amount of different dresses and some crazy leathers and others. I was able to see the entire book when I was at Paris in his store just last month.

IMG_0563I’m side tracking, but this is one pic out of the look book of Artisanal collection of Margiela.


sc00be9fa2Ahhh, I absolutely love all of styling, staging and photography (Tim Walker) done by Bazar for this October issue around  Tim Burton’s classics to anticipate another great retrospective at MOMA this Fall. ( November 22, 2009- April 26,  2010)

Grande Gautier, Comme, Rodarte, Ferregamo, Margiela and more. It’s a one big heaven of fantasy dress up time!

Burton’s films : Vincent (1982), Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure(1985), Beetlejuice (1988), Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands(1990), Batman Returns (1992), The Nightmare Before Christmas(as creator and producer) (1993), Ed Wood (1994), Mars Attacks!(1996), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Big Fish (2003), Corpse Bride (2005),Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), and Sweeney Todd(2007); writing and Web projects include The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories (1997) and Stainboy (2000).




tim burton
Image and title from
Tim Burton. Untitled (The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories). 1982–84. Pen and ink, marker, and colored pencil on paper, 10 x 9″ (25.4 x 22.9 cm). Private collection. © 2009 Tim Burton
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