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They all look brilliant. They pour they hearts out. Kids are Basquiat.  I thought I would collect all of Gael’s scribbles and drawings and homework and all, but he produces so much between school and home and I stopped collecting them.  So I have only a few around the home. We had Pink Floyd moment with Gael a while ago and now we are having a Basquiat moment. How talented he was! We all know how out of his mind he was but he left us plenty of his unique and most amazing arts.

Not that I’m saying Gael’s talented as he is ( or could he be? ha-ha) but Basquiat had this naive yet complex mind and heart as most of kids do and expressed himself in most beautiful way through his work.


Basquiat: Self Portrait

iron manGael’s Iron man at 4 years old

sc002b11d6Gael’s “Dada and the Shark”  3 1/2 years old.

sc002acf56Now Gael can write, so he likes to mix up some of rhymes in.

Watch little piece of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, filmed in 1986

basquiat_in_italian_542In Italian, 1983. Acrylic, oil paintstick, and marker on canvas mounted on wood supports, two panels. The Stephanie and Peter Brant Foundation, Greenwich, Connecticut

fa_basquiat2A short documentary by Tamra Davis which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival features one of the last interviews Brooklyn born and raised Basquiat made and some of the only footage of Basquiat in his studio painting and talking about his work. Currently being expanded into a Feature Length Documentary.

So, last week we had gone to this hidden gem of still rough around the edge area, Bed-stuy in Brooklyn. Sarahgina. Rustic Italian food and great wood firing oven pizza! Superb decor and well priced and focused menu. We know the owners of the place, Edoardo and Massimiliano. Edoardo lives in our neighbor Fort Greene but you must have heard of this feminine clothing line called, Tocca. Yes  Edoardo is the founder and owner of Tocca, and Massimiliano is owner of 2 well known restaurants, Malatesta and Piadina in West village in NY and also lives in Bed-stuy. And Edorado is actually the one in the kitchen!

Apart from who we know and how we know, this place is one of Must check out. The space and setting is light yet rustic and somewhat reminds you those chick upstate farm shop mixed with bit of flea market vibe. Every corner has been used up for smart and great details and storage. The place makes you think  you want to quit whatever you do and want to open a restaurant just one like it. It’s a very cool space.







7-saraghinaI had put only a few images from NYmag .com  But also there’s whole back of the restaurant space with a room dedicated for the wine and communal long table, which definitely gives this restaurant a garage or barn like feel. It’s rustic and cozy but not cutesy.

So the food. It’s very home made feel. The presentation of menu is just great with old type writer typed on easy note book like paper and they are simple and wholesome.  Gael had fresh tagliatelle ( wide hand made pasta) with Ragu. And the Ragu was excellent!  I had a pizza with fresh prosciutto and funghi. The dough was subtle and crunch around the edge and topping were fresh and flavorful. Emi and Beppe had also le Pizze with Burrata (Burrata is a fresh Italian cheese made out of Mozzarella and cream. and it has this amazing soft and creamy texture! Originated in Puglia of Italy)

100% of staffs at Saraghina are handsome and good looking Italians with witty and quick service. The whole experience just brought me back to modern day dinning at small towns of Italy.

We were there at night time but from seeing the photos of NYmag, this place must be so beautiful and light filled to have awesome brunch as well. Go check out this pace before it gets too popular and you need to wait in the line!


435 Halsey Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-574-1988

So over just passed weekend, we had lovely dinner at Jessica and Beppe’s home and Beppe introduced us to one of the hottest designer for this moment in Italy, Francesco Scognamiglio. And boy, his collection is quite amazing. And speaking of love for hats, do not miss couple of hats that you will see at the beginning of the video. I majored in tailoring back in FIT even though I’m not using it so much right now, I always appreciate good tailoring.  This collection shows how you can tailor around all the curves of women and make her look sexy and hot!  And superb sweaters…! Also can we talk about All the jeweleries in this show?  Bold. Bold. Bold. And they are drop dead gorgeous. I especially love the enormous shells around her fragile faces and Buckingham Palace Guards and their trumpet inspired waist and torso piece is absolutely amazing!  Francesco is one sexy modern day couture face on the fashion block.

Don’t know Why I love hats so much. Not all the hats but Absolutely in love with 30′s, 40′s and 50′s. I started wearing a few ( god,  I used to get so dressed up!) and then I became a collector of many.  Actually I like to write about them per era in other time, but today I like to share  a few photos of hats from the collection that are now up for sale at our shop!  Please check out Park page for more photos and details !





You know what?  Gaultier has already done it. Like everything else. Haha. The fresh Afro do was already shown at Gaultier’s Fall 2009 Men’s runway. The whole frizzy hair thing is definitely out there at least in Spring 2010 runways like Louis Vuitton and plenty of this Fall’s editorials ( mostly in European publication).

Love. Love. Love. Loooooove Gaultier’s whole looks, cuts, “Attitude”, colors, surprises, workmanship of fine tailoring, Afros and everything else from the top to bottom.  The shoes…! The simplified bondage details around sharply tailored pants and some of tops are very cool. The backward suspender look also adds to that too. And bit of 70′s very much Parisian-ish Mod vibe is so sexy!  The Afro completely dose it’s part. Thank you for not paring the whole looks with short banged Mod cut! Afro works waaaay cooler. Matt vs shine also works great in monotone of layering. I like to wear everything in the show. It’s sexy and confident with much much flair. It’s so Stylish. It’s awesomely Gaultier, the Man!











All of these are done through mirrored images.

Liking the concept, styling and the vibe.

All images are from this awesome photographer, Daniel Bolliger’s website,  www.danielbolligerstudio.com





Check out his website for more cool photos.

montanara 1

This so called ” Montanara” which means “Mountain lady” or “From Mountain” in Italian , is one great awesomeness.  Yes, it’s a sofa and I love it!

Motanara is one of my favorite Artist/Architect/Designer,  Gaetano Pesce’s innovative creation which I like to call beautiful-out-of-mind or in Italian, fuori di testa.  www.gaetanopesce.com

montanara 2

This Sofa was showcased in Milan Design week of 2009 by high end design furniture company, Meritalia . The Milan design week was held in May this year, but I only had found this sofa now and I really like it.  It has bit of 80′s or 90′s vibe somehow but I love the whole concept of literal and bold idea of marrying grand outdoor nature to a indoor house object. You will be sitting on the water fall with your feet dangling and rest your back to snow covered rocky mountain. And it’s visually striking. Its just so cool!!!

We will be properly posting ALL New items in Park Page, but here are a few new items in the shop.

These are real quick preview of  more” beaded’ items, many ” hats” including ones from 30′s and 40′s (wait for all the photos!), vintage cowboy boots, booties, couple or new mint condition Vintage Courreges’ cropped jackets from Paris , by the way, they are adorable!!! and many more.

So call me or shoot me an e-mail for an appointment or any questions!










Love summer, but something about Autumn, and prefer to say Autumn rather than Fall. Cuddle with Emi and Gael, new outfits, new vintages, much much good food and time to switch out chilled white to oaky red… Chestnut is so important for me with very good port. Crusty bread with warm drizzle of spicy olive oil. Weekend means farmer’s market and much home cooking.  Good hiking through hilly hills with friends, chasing wild mushrooms for the sake of finding them, thick wool socks and hand knitted sweater, I may not wash my face on Saturday morning, hot tea, coffee, make pizza at home?, books, now down comforters out, thinking to clean up the chimneys so we have wood burning fire this time… dinner at aurora, dried corns and pumpkins at all the brown stone stoops… Now is the amazing peak of Autumn.







IMG_3919Madison, NJ


First then I literally took a few I-phone pictures of “Steel House” in Twill magazine in one of those  small deli/magazine shop in SoHo today.  I have seen this house published in other books or magazines, but today, I got on his website www.robertbruno.com ( please check out his quick time video! and everything else!)

The Architect and sculptor, Robert Bruno has been working on and building this rather bigger scaled steel sculpture than a house as a home to himself for over 28 years now. As his Website opens up and you can see a line , ‘think out of the box’ is the perfect caption of Mr. Bruno’s approach to his “STEEL HOUSE”.



IMG_0763As my side note, I do like this editorial spread with architecture this time in Twill magazine. It was done quite tastefully rather than slap some fashion on whatever that is. Regardless the special connection and relationship between the fashion and architectural world just to mention proportions, lines, tailoring/sculpturing, I do think using or applying “fashion=dressed women in good or bad way” to everything like car commercial, selling bottled water, is such a cliche and desperate and boring approach to the product. Boring.

IMG_0766The magazine cover.

And below are a few photos from Robert Bruno’s website ( with permission).

big steel house 1



How beautiful all of these are. Especially now I know that this is meant rather a gigantic sculpture than a reeeeeeaaly a residential house. There’s something more ” Pure” about what all of these are.  It’s there just to be.

keep looking »