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When you finish the main streets of Marais area (mix of Soho and Nolita of NYC)  for all the good shopping like `Loft` and `Sandro`, you will hit a small street filled with Moroccan and Greek restaurants and bakeries, Rue des Rosiers.  And right there in the heart of everything, you will see this small but lively great vintage shop where you will feel like you are hitting a Jack Pot with flea market like finds with great prices.  Eh-hem, of course you will not find anything more selected and up-scaled or mint condition items as in Lacasapark, but you can definitely have great fun in this shop digging and browsing.

vintage desire

vintage desire 3

Fur coats start at 35 euros up to 150 euros, classic sailor tees at 10 euros, bus-boy caps are around 5 euros. Not bad for Paris!

vintage desire 4

desire 5Bags and shoes and bags and shoes and bags and shoes…!

animalAnimal prints are everywhere in Paris right now from the high ends to high street fashion and of course  the Vintage ones.

There are sweaters, kilts, track jackets, fedoras,  western shirts and so many more in this shop. Check it out next time you are out in Paris. 

And here are all those yummy restaurants on this strip.





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