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So after the long day of walk through the Biennale, we had to have a little power nap to go on for the evening. We had planned to go to a concert , 4 seasons by Vivaldi at this old church, San Vidal. ¬†And we slept bit too much so we are rushing through the small streets along the canals up and down and we are point to breaking a sweat. We are in such a brisk walk but I have these invisible eyes wrapping around my head keep checking things out every corner of the street. And I saw it by 2 seconds passing through. After the beautiful Vivaldi, I had to stop by this shop again. Crazy. It’s strange. It’s full of these things are all out of ordinary.


IMG_1915This is neon lighted toilette bowl building with a court yard well with men urinating into it.

IMG_1925So it’s a clothing shop filled with Goth meets Hippie, Dark spirit and everything you can imagine. I see Mick Jagger buying some crazy jackets here and rock it no matter what. They are, wow, expensive. All are one of kind and hand made with patches, hand painted and all.



IMG_1918The best of all, their business hour.


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