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Take the C train to Clinton Washington | Map

IMG_3260It’s like a part Canal Jeans (do you remember our Canal Jeans on Broadway in our better days of NYC?), a part CBGB gallery (this one too, of course)  and a part Urban Outfitters. 64 rue Tiquetonne. That’s the address and you want to write this down. Because you want to check this place out. It’s big, it’s cool as hell and it’s a very well organized mixed vintage and modern day clothing Mad House.

You may want to check out thier fantastic websitehttp://espacekiliwatch.fr/


IMG_3265A portion of beautiful ceiling with kicking 70′s atomic chrome bubble light fixture and a good dozen of well framed butterfly collection. This shop is wide and impressively long. You would think the room where you were would be the last one, then there would be three more after with well stocked and organized army jackets, motor boots, hats, ton of jeans, shirts, sweaters, leathers, sneakers, bags, scarves and the list goes on.  There are enough of amount of shop helpers to help you with anything. But again you need a good half day to even look through and decide where you want to even begin.


IMG_3268This is the last room at the end where western meets the leather motor jackets.

IMG_0618I really wanted to get better pic of the main cashier area because they just looked so awesome but this was the best I could do at the moment. ( I was not supposed take any photos…!)


IMG_3263Ha ha, lastly more leopard prints in Paris!


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