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Take the C train to Clinton Washington | Map

bag2bag1Clay scull bag at St Germain, Next to Isabel Marant shop.

the barber shop so cool
barber shop close up Barber shop, Marais.
cxmas gallery
lightsOne of many galleries we stepped in, Marais.

lampAt St Germain market, next to Gap store

shopOne of many home furnishing bodegas at St. Germain

fuzy ballWool felted bird house at Ben Simmon, undergournd level, Marais.

macarron1Oh so good and Oh so beautiful Macaroons. To make it clear, the green one is Olive Oil, not pisctachio!

macarron 2More macaroons at Pierre Herme; passion fruite, apricot, mint, caramel, jasmin, chocolate, and more!

elephantOK. How smart is this? An elephante made out of detergent bottles and bottle caps. Do you Green youself?

A lot more to come!!!


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