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Heidi and I were trying to walk through more off the beaten path kind of streets to meet any fresh surprises for Fall 10 research.  We had well covered and studied the main stream, but like a refreshing quick shower, We were longing for something cooler and things that were more nurturing.

A second after we walked into a quaint yet handsome looking street, rue Sainte Anastase, we knew we would like this right away.  Gallery after gallery, we saw these very much attractive arts showing through big open glass windows.  Atsuko Ishii. A Japanese illustrator born in Osaka and now works and lives in Paris, definitely threw fresh breath of air to us.



Through small as 10×20 cm pieces to big wall poster sizes, the artist weaves dream like stories and touches our soul in her light filled softly colored beautiful etching work.  There`s naiveness in her work but you can also read her complex thought processes under lying.  It was such a nice unexpected surprise to encounter her exhibition and I felt so lucky that we were able to catch her last day of this solo exhibition. You must love Paris!



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