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IMG_1153Trulli is one of 2 very important old architecture styles( the other one is Masserie) to build homes only can be found in Taranto, Brindisi and Bari area of Puglia in Italy which dates back to almost 5000 years ago. You can see still many Trulli style homes in a town called “Alberobello”, which means a “beautiful tree” in Puglia. I have traveled so many towns and cities of Italy, but Trulli is definitely different from anything I have seen so far. The yearly white washed round structured walls and beautifully stacked up grey stone cone shaped roofs make quite a curious and enchanting vibe. They are usually small and not too tall yet earth quake safe and cool for the summer and warm for the winter.

IMG_1140The inside of cone shaped roof.

IMG_1142The town Alberobello has been assigned to be a UNESCO sight in 1996 with a title” World Heritage Town”.

Check out this photo gallery for more photos of  Trulli, http://www.pbase.com/antorug/image/85955460

IMG_1169Each roof would have this fancy little detailed pinnacles. Rounded, pointed, star shaped, cross shaped, crescent shaped…. The tale of in the function of the pinnacles and the real reason for which dry stone walling was used, is that this technique was imposed for the pinnacles to be hooked with a rope and the cones could be dismantled quickly to avoid notoriously high taxation on new homes in old times.

IMG_1171The symbolic signs written on the roofs represent Solar symbols as well as flowers, doves, ships and even pierced hearts, that bring us back to a primordial, ancient and poor religiousness that looks for protection against the evils.


The Largest Trulli construction in the town. The Trulli church of Alberobello.

You will still see quite a bit of Trulli homes for use of storage in the farms or even a fancy B&Bs in the Puglia area. They are usually small constructions but like this church some of them are quite grand. You should go check it out yourself. It’s quite amazing.


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    [...] wonder at Giovinazzo, pretty white city Ostuni, exotic distinctive Puglia’s  architect: Trulli at Albero Bello… So much beauties in so little time then definitely made us want to come back to Puglia to [...]

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