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IMG_0846Polignano is absolutely amazing. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s about 50Km away from the Bitonto, our base during trip in Puglia.  This is a view from the one of the terrace on the edge of the town which is built on the top of the cliff.

IMG_0849We were here for a good half day swimming, diving and sipping beers and chatting. It’s just amazing. I must say, I loved the people. The real people around us. The fat, chubby, skinny, tanned, still pale ( Tania), happy, tired, card playing, laughing and everything else. I loved the people and real houses that real people living inside looking down the most beautiful bay I ever seen. It’s rocky but they are warm, clean, white and round. They feel warm as just baked bread and they are welcoming. I’m in absolutely in love with every moment.



This is the exact spot where we all jumped into the water.  What you see is a cave underneath where it connects to the water from the rock field.  It’s a short cut to the spot from the field. Polignano holds yearly world wide diving competition. We saw some crazy kids diving in from the craziest height of the cliff.



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6 Comments so far

  1. Marilena K on August 28, 2009 9:43 am

    I absolutely love your pictures! My parents are both from Bitonto, and I would love to return back one day and explore that area again. Where did you stay in Bitonto? Do you have family there? Did you drive a car- I’m actually afraid to, because they’re scary drivers in the south. Hope you can get back, thanks!

  2. jaehee on August 30, 2009 5:22 pm

    Bitonto is a small town very close to Bari and we stayed at our firend Beppe’s place righ in the centro. And yes you must have a car to move around. we rented a car right at Bari airport and it was easy and quite cheap. If you rent the car for more than certain days you can also get a better deal as well. Driving down south is easier than toscana somehow I felt. my in-law’s family is based in Livorno which is west coast of Toscana very near Pisa. We like to also go back to Puglia to explore further down the south like Lecce. You should definitely go back there!

  3. Stephanie on September 15, 2009 1:10 pm

    Just discovered your pictures and Polignano is now number one on my list of day trips for our trip to Puglia next May. We are staying in a trulli near Locorotondo for a week and it will be our first time in Puglia. Any thoughts for special places to go would be greatly appreciated. Grazie for sharing.

  4. jaehee on September 15, 2009 3:48 pm

    wow Stephanie,
    I’m already excite for you!
    The general advices on Puglia would be further down the south gets more beautiful. I’m assuming you would be landing in Bari by Air. So take your Map out and point and see where I’m mentioning below!
    Your must check out towns whitin the 1- 1 1/2 hour distance by car from the “Bari” would be “Alberobello” right near where you are staying at, Ostuni, Giovinazzo ( must check out the restaurant called Creperia!!!!) & Polignano.
    From Bari, about 3 hour car ride, and it supposed to be God-made-it beautiful would be the “Lecce”. Puglia is very famous for 100-200 years old olive trees and they make usually bit spcier oil than others. Even in the Toscana, you can’t find this much old Olive trees. So I highly recommend it. Food wise, if you like sea food and fish, you are in a right place. I may write you again with more info , and check out other blogs if mine around Puglia, you will see more photos per these little towns I mentioned.

  5. Deon on June 24, 2011 3:51 pm

    Hey, that’s poweufrl. Thanks for the news.

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