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IMG_0974As it’s nick name White City already explains, Ostuni is painted in all white along it’s smooth hilly lines, and bright and vivid color of Oleanders and colorful doors of residents surroundings make the city even look whiter.

IMG_0979Bar “Riccardo”.  You would never ever imagine there would be such a bar like this in this rustic town. Bright turq color bean bags sitting along the  long and narrow stepped hill, cutting edge modern decor interiored bar spaces( there is 1 big main and are  3 smaller separated bar rooms along the both side of the stepped isle), and all our favorite old school songs like off the walls and more. The bar sean wraps around the entire isle. It’s quite amazing.

IMG_0978We ordered Beppe’s favorite aperitivo, Prosecco and usual stuzzichini, small bites like dips, cheese, olives and mini sandiwiches.  The sun was going down and good friends around with a well chilled bottole of prosecco. The life is beautiful!!


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