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Grace Jones at Hammerstein Ballroom on July 31st.  This amazing image feed was through gracejones.splinder.com/po ( Thank you!)  Check this post out for more photos.

We ( Anna, Keith, Nancy, Carlos and Jaehee) were able to get in to the theater around 8:30 pm, and by the time Miss Jones was on the stage opening her show under this shimmery fluid yards and yards of jersey fabric standing underneath like 10 feet tall was maybe around way after 9:00.  The show was supposed to start at 8:00, but hey it’s A-Very -DIVA-Thing to be late in her very much Fashionable way.

Miss Jones had magnificently put together outfits for each and every song she performed for and sang. How lucky we were! There were 80′s Thierry Mugler  and Versace-ish moments with her hard and very shinny bake-lite like corsets. And of course every outfit had these hats. These sculptor-like greatness she put on her head.

Then she would be in this perfectly glittered top-hat and a pair of matching bedazzled jump suit in clear Swarovski crystals.  This moment was a total juxtaposition of Bjork and Playboy.  Then this is not enough.  Now she is standing under her white and sharp laser beam showering and hammering on her crystallized  top-hat making maximum of maximum effect of explosion of lights for all of us.  It felt like a triumph.  I felt like I won something. It felt awesome and somehow full filling with excitement and yet sense of relief.

I may have to write all night to describe all the outfits and all the gifts of beauty and emotions she gave us through her performances.

What a women, What a voice and what an Authority this woman has.

She liked engaging with audience. Her witty and snappy words. She made us laugh. She was adorable.

She made it clear we knew she was there.


I so wished I-phone had a Flash. These were the best I could do.




The last but not the least, Watch this!!!!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgR3kzSp5Yw


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  1. Grace Jones news on July 31, 2009 8:13 am

    Miss Grace Jones at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NY…

    Here some pics from the latest gig in NY! Photo credit: La casa blog; link. Photo credit: Leer Management; link. Photo credit: According to G blog; link; Livejournal; link….

  2. jaehee on August 1, 2009 5:52 am

    Thank you!