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Installation By MOS at PS1 for this Summer



We all know about PS1′s  yearly  summer installations with music, drinks and good fun gathering.  But It hasn’t been so fresh or new for the past many years. It’s maybe way too crowded and the most of all, the installations were just O.K.

But I ‘m really loving this year’s winner, MOS’s great work. The whole structure and especially the texture of it greatly reminds me of grand mammoths.  I’m not sure if MOS ever had thought of mammoth in this, but I just see them crossing over each other.

MOS project is entitled Afterparty, a design that Micheal Meredith and Hilary Sample (MOS partners) say is meant  to reflect current economic situation, by using basic materials. The main structure is a lightweight aluminum frame using recyclable parts which require minimal assembly, which will become a landmark for the neighborhood – all this on a USD$70,000 budget. 

Go check it out!


Upstating for many NY peeps means “Woodstock” like we did for many times. But there are also other kind of good areas like Callicoon, http://www.visitcallicoon.com/, right by the beautiful Delaware river which separates the NY and the PA. It’s woody as Woodstock but somehow much more opened up feeling with the river running right through it.  Somehow PA side along the water is more of field than steep mountains and it adds a bit of different feeling than other parts of upstate NY.

Our dear friend Tamara owns a good size wonderful 2 bedroom house up in Long Eddy which is about 15 mt car ride from the Callicoon. So, as lucky we are to have a friend with a weekend home, we get to stay there and do fun things together.  Most of action around the shopping happens in Callicoon like Sunday morning farmer’s market, cheese and wine store and even a charming old school movie theater.



And of course I especially fall for vintage shops in the town. There are also antique furniture shops that are handsome and fun but I really dig for the vintage shops.   In Callicoon, there are about 3-4 vintage stores. Couple of them also carry antique furniture or typical mountain gears mixed in and I find myself enjoying to browse them through.





Farm shop near the Callicoon is also a great place. It only opens up for 3 days around  the weekend but it’s plenty to stock up for the whole weekend feast.  Fresh chicken and lambs, cheese, amazing beans, produce, home made jams and bread and also you get to watch baby goats, sheeps and steal a couple of wild berries from the surrounding.  The lady at the farm shop is fun to talk to and the setting is absolutely perfect.



You can also do all sorts of fun things along the river. Our 6 year old son finally got to do the first fishing with his super hero fishing rod .  You will see people coming down with tubes and kayaks along the current and when it gets too hot under the sun, you can jump into the river and take a nice swim as well.  There are also a few camp sites where you can set up a tent and roast whatever on the fire pit.  Take a hiking.  Stop at the beer shack.  Watch the stars.  Have a good weekend!





Why not some good color and fun patterns for the garbage bags. In front of C.I.T.E. modern furniture store on Green Street, Soho, NY

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