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the passenger 3

REd desert

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The Passenger(1975), La Notte( 1962), Red Desert(1964) , The Adventure(1960), Blow-Up(1966) and so many more …  Michelangelo Antonioni’s most stylish, cutting edge and sharpest vision and control in his movie making definitely made a huge mark in the world of Cinema.  His complex obscurity reminds me of Fellini, but his incredible ability to edit and control each cut, flow of emotion, speed of time frame, magnificent cinema photography sets himself to be the one of kind.  Now watch a clip from L’Eclisse, 1962.


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    [...] The soft and free spirit of 70’s eyes to see the light.   There’s a huge influence of Michellangelo Antonioni’s Film-Making is in Io Sono Amore: The artful balance of  Cutting and Intense camera work that [...]