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Grace Jones at Hammerstein Ballroom on July 31st.  This amazing image feed was through gracejones.splinder.com/po ( Thank you!)  Check this post out for more photos.

We ( Anna, Keith, Nancy, Carlos and Jaehee) were able to get in to the theater around 8:30 pm, and by the time Miss Jones was on the stage opening her show under this shimmery fluid yards and yards of jersey fabric standing underneath like 10 feet tall was maybe around way after 9:00.  The show was supposed to start at 8:00, but hey it’s A-Very -DIVA-Thing to be late in her very much Fashionable way.

Miss Jones had magnificently put together outfits for each and every song she performed for and sang. How lucky we were! There were 80′s Thierry Mugler  and Versace-ish moments with her hard and very shinny bake-lite like corsets. And of course every outfit had these hats. These sculptor-like greatness she put on her head.

Then she would be in this perfectly glittered top-hat and a pair of matching bedazzled jump suit in clear Swarovski crystals.  This moment was a total juxtaposition of Bjork and Playboy.  Then this is not enough.  Now she is standing under her white and sharp laser beam showering and hammering on her crystallized  top-hat making maximum of maximum effect of explosion of lights for all of us.  It felt like a triumph.  I felt like I won something. It felt awesome and somehow full filling with excitement and yet sense of relief.

I may have to write all night to describe all the outfits and all the gifts of beauty and emotions she gave us through her performances.

What a women, What a voice and what an Authority this woman has.

She liked engaging with audience. Her witty and snappy words. She made us laugh. She was adorable.

She made it clear we knew she was there.


I so wished I-phone had a Flash. These were the best I could do.




The last but not the least, Watch this!!!!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgR3kzSp5Yw


Fall 2009 Ready to Wear:  Not everything is Reeeeally Ready to wear. But some of them are Ssssoo ready to be worn. I’m trying on these gold chained yet very soft nylon black puffer vests in 2 versions. One is puffier than the other. At the end I like the lighter one better. The whole section of reinvention of Army stuffs are F*ing cool. I wooo and ahhh over.  Rush of blood.  It feels demn good in them. The whole situation makes me bite my nails.  Genius reinvention of whatever and anything that is in this envious serene a la gallery like space with most beautifully put together shop helpers with humble kind of attitude. And now, Should I give myself permission to buy such things?  One day, some day…  I bite my nails.

comme 5comme 4comme 3comme 2

the passenger 3

REd desert

blow up model

blowup burshuka

The Passenger(1975), La Notte( 1962), Red Desert(1964) , The Adventure(1960), Blow-Up(1966) and so many more …  Michelangelo Antonioni’s most stylish, cutting edge and sharpest vision and control in his movie making definitely made a huge mark in the world of Cinema.  His complex obscurity reminds me of Fellini, but his incredible ability to edit and control each cut, flow of emotion, speed of time frame, magnificent cinema photography sets himself to be the one of kind.  Now watch a clip from L’Eclisse, 1962.









Francis Bacon at Claude Bernard Gallery, Paris, 1977

Just about to go check out the Retrospective of Francis Bacon at Met.

Dublin born and  London lived Bacon went to an exhibition of 106 drawings by Picasso in the Summer of 1927, at the Galerie Paul Rosenberg, rue La Boëtie, in Paris, that inspired him to draw and paint. Bacon would take the train into Paris five or more times a week to see shows. Sometimes he would return with Cubist-inspired drawings and watercolours.  Bacon never had a formal education to paint.  In 1928, after he returned to London, he started working as an Interior designer. Picasso was one of his important muse and inspirations during his time. In 1944 he achieved instant notoriety with a series of controversial paintings, Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion.

Some of friends already had checked it out and feed backs are all different so far. I see the darkness, anger and almost horror in many of his work but it does not mean any bad to me. I see great depth of emotions in his work. I do love the colors and cubism like distortion and divisions of his objects definitely interest me. His almost filthy studio was a lot talked about. I have seen a few photos of them too. I quite look forward to seeing all of his chaos like fascinating work and notorious everything!

Francis Bacon self portrait

Francis Bacon


My Favorite one is the straight top with round bottom  and round lenses without the metal detail.

At Urban Outfitters: need to find out who designs them. $100.00 for any.


All of these come in Clear, White and Black. Must say, White one is my favorite.

No sugar is needed. Sitting in the garden is a already sweet thing!



So Gael likes to stop by at the Gap Kid and we see a cool t shirt for him. Pink Floyd.  We come home and get on the You Tube because he needs a little lesson about who the Pink Floyd is. It comes all back for the 3 hour long lesson starting with “Wish you were here”, “Another brick in the wall”, “Mother” and it goes on and we are just moving on to the animations. Yes it could be not so easy for a 6 year old but it’s way way Way better than empty Jona’s brothers.

Now myself  see some animations for the first time and  I’m totally getting into them. How amazing is the animation of “ Good bye Blue sky”!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfJYpVwb7aE 

Gael slips away from the Pink Floyd and plays with wooden blocks stacking them up to some sort of home or garage he says but we keep going on browsing through more of Pink Floyd’s animations. ” The Trial”, ” Empty spaces”, ” Waiting for the worms” and there are so many more.  

I see huge influence of Surrealism on Pink Floyd’s animation work. Last year around this time, MoMa had done a very interesting exhibition on Salvador Dali.  MoMa had brought more than 130 paintings, drawings and films by Salvador Dali. Collaborations between Dali’ and legendary filmmakers were displayed alongside his paintings and other works. Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney were the few of the many. I see obvious synergy between Pink Floyd’s animations and music videos and  works of Dali’ or other Surrealists like Giorgio de Chirico or Marc Earnest.  Their works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and also expose psychological truth by stripping ordinary objects of their normal significance. I find it fascinating and somehow challenging in a bit of mental way making me feel like I just had gone through some sort of dream.  


From  the “Good Bye Blue Sky”, Pink Floyd

Watch the only short animation collaboration of Dali and Disney, “Destino”


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