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Adam’s town was nick named to be the Antiques Capital of the US. This small town just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike at exit 286 truly deserves the nick name.  It’s a simple yet impressive 7 mile long of antique and vintage heaven road for those who likes to poke their noses to browse and score great finds.

The main road, ” Antique Mile”( along PA Route 272) houses many thrifty shops to higher end antique showrooms and auction houses, and the possibilities are endless. There are many grand indoor wear house types, cozy low ceiling market places and also lovely under the tree out door early-bird flea markets.  You will find many big indoor type markets have helpers with their name tags on their chest wondering around the place to ready to help you.  They will usually carry a huge bundle of keys to access all those well organized glass showcases. 

Overall, Adam’s town has great selection of antique furniture and also farm objects as there is a big Amish community in Lancaster County. And also you will come across the beginning of the century jeweleries and clothing, collectible army gears, dolls, watches, coins, posters, books, textiles, bit of mid centuries and tons of depression time glass work and the list goes on and on.  

You will need at least 2 days to hit most of the places because also not to miss early morning outdoor flea markets and there are just so many places that have from anything to everything. There are lovely colonial stone house B&Bs in town where you can have real Amish farm style breakfast and sleep under the grandma made antique quilted blankets. Leave on Saturday early morning and come back on Sunday late afternoon. It’s always fun to find something good!

What can I say, I’m a hat fanatic!  Trying on hats and more hats. Especially ones from the 40′s.


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