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It’s the 40th anniversary of Comme des Garcons!  

I have always admired her for years. I don’t believe she’s a feminist like sort of safe ruffles.   Her ruffles turn into pleats, tucks, and tough architectural study of lines and proportions and she’s truly fierce. I think she’s one of the not many fully riped free but somehow controlled real avant-garde designers that I know. Her color is black but she gets quirky with shot of pink or most amazing patterns.  She somehow brings newness to her classic recipes and they are surprising and always fun.

There are kind of yards and yards of fabric that so many fashion students and many self called avant- garde designers like to drape and bunch with but It’s tiring. It’s just another yard of fabric. But her artful chaos makes sense as a total. They are even beautiful. Her powerful creativity and rich soul wins over that uneasy feeling you have from seeing something out side of comfort zone.

To celebrate her 40th Anniversary, since the May, Rei kawakubo has opened up pop up stores and a line entitled BLACK in Japan, HK, and Seoul for 18 month period of time.

Starting from June 22nd for only 2 weeks,  Barney’s NY and Colette in Paris will also participate in her guerrilla store event. So go check it out.  It’s another fun thing to do for the weekend.




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