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Adam’s town was nick named to be the Antiques Capital of the US. This small town just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike at exit 286 truly deserves the nick name.  It’s a simple yet impressive 7 mile long of antique and vintage heaven road for those who likes to poke their noses to browse and score great finds.

The main road, ” Antique Mile”( along PA Route 272) houses many thrifty shops to higher end antique showrooms and auction houses, and the possibilities are endless. There are many grand indoor wear house types, cozy low ceiling market places and also lovely under the tree out door early-bird flea markets.  You will find many big indoor type markets have helpers with their name tags on their chest wondering around the place to ready to help you.  They will usually carry a huge bundle of keys to access all those well organized glass showcases. 

Overall, Adam’s town has great selection of antique furniture and also farm objects as there is a big Amish community in Lancaster County. And also you will come across the beginning of the century jeweleries and clothing, collectible army gears, dolls, watches, coins, posters, books, textiles, bit of mid centuries and tons of depression time glass work and the list goes on and on.  

You will need at least 2 days to hit most of the places because also not to miss early morning outdoor flea markets and there are just so many places that have from anything to everything. There are lovely colonial stone house B&Bs in town where you can have real Amish farm style breakfast and sleep under the grandma made antique quilted blankets. Leave on Saturday early morning and come back on Sunday late afternoon. It’s always fun to find something good!

What can I say, I’m a hat fanatic!  Trying on hats and more hats. Especially ones from the 40′s.

Singer-Song-Writer and my dear friend Beppe sent me an “Urgent” e-mail for the last minute help on his up-coming music video.  6:00 pm near the Union square.  And I also got to meet the director of the video, Bruno Levy.  After the quick yet efficient discussion on what fabric Beppe should use for the dress for the model in the video, we all sat down for one quick drink. Somehow it’s a very Italian way I must say. One bonding drink. We chat about the video and about each others. And I also got to learn that Bruno was the winner of NY Photo Awards 09 Best Short Film and Video.

Beppe already raved about his work and I watched his actual piece that he won the award for. And here I like to share the video with you because I think it’s a beautiful piece. And also the Man is a Tee shirt designer.  He cuts the screen and does the squeeze work himself. Somehow whole action around the designing tee shirts himself seems a natural thing to do. Making films, photos, images, prints, visions, messages. There is strong synergy in all of these.   

Bruno Levy wearing his shirt, Drink the Stars.  You can purchase his tees in his website www.brunolevy.com

I find the messages on the tees are quite poetic and almost an anecdote of a story that will go on and on…

Finally here’s his award winning video, WORD’S END in



Click below to watch Moby’s new Music video, “Shot In The Back Of The Head”. It’s GREAT!!


Moby’s releasing a new album, Wait For Me on June 29 in US and on 26 in Italy or Europe let’s say.  There are 16 songs and 3 music videos so far and they are excellent. I especially like ” Shot In the Back Of the Head”.  I see so many great artists influences on this Video like the Italian artist Mario Sironi and Munch.
    Mario Sironi

Kenneth Jay Lane was first a shoe designer for Delman and Christian Dior. He used his free time to create fun and flash baubles. Kenneth had designed many original pieces for Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Vreeland and Audrey Hepburn. 

His pieces are always fun and bold.  I absolutely adore all of his animal creatures. They are not so serious but each piece he created has superb execution of essences of each animal that we are familiar with.

What is so cool about his work is that Kenneth shattered the stigma of Wearing jewelry created to mimic precious estate pieces wasn’t a point of pride.  Kenneth made faux forever fabulous.

Wrist Cuff. 2 Ram heads facing each others. Kenneth Jay Lane. Collectible. See Park page for more detail.


When was the last time you had put on a jean jacket? Or do you even still own one in your closet?

I see more guys still sporting them around more like in G-star way, the high end Raw denim in smart cut or overly cut which I like to call it.  

I don’t think denim Jacket is back in a huge way that now Everyone wears them to work, dinner or wherever- you- go kind. But I definitely see they are coming back to top off pretty dresses or simply to finish your outfit in comfy way. And they look fresh and cool again.

I think the best way to pull if off is to start with the most classic ones. The more worn is the better and the simpler cut is the better because the Classic is always just right.

So why not try some vintage jean jackets?  And the weekend is the perfect time to start. You already may have it. Good old Levis’ or the Gap or some none name vintage ones that worn in perfectly so it’s softer on you.

It can’t be more classic than this cut. This vintage denim jacket is soft as butter in light weight indigo denim. Perfectly worn and bit cropped. You will look great in this with classic Picasso white & navy stripe tees underneath or some sexy and easy summer dresses under.  The cast is that perfectly worn true indigo but somehow very clean rather than yellowish.  At Lacasapark.  Size S/M. $85.00


Vintage Army Navy Flight denim jacket at Lacasapark.  This is more a cross hatch light inky purple cast soft light weight jacket.  The Jacket has great details like over sized army patch pockets and extended waist tab with D rings and fresh white embroidered white star badges at collar tips.  The back has classic pleat wings for extra rooms. Pair this with a racer back sheer white tank and a cool breezy rolled up cargo or a mini if you’ve got good legs. Size S/M. $120.00  

Start with any weekend for jean jackets. The lighter the better since we are having the warmer weather. When your weekend stroll turns into Mojito gather up with friends at the side walk cafe’, You need something to cover you up since it will go until the late night.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lacasapark will feature soon Vintage clothing and accessories that are designed around fantastic animals.

There will be vintage tee shirts, flowey silk bomber, summer dresses and mostly the bold and statement making collectible jewelery pieces.

Photos of each item will be uploaded in the Park page this weekend for you to be able to purchase on line! For now here are the couple of items up coming!


Jeremy Scott for Adidas. Image through the Misshapes. 



Check out “April 77″ and Artist section.

Image through “Archetype Showroom”


It’s the 40th anniversary of Comme des Garcons!  

I have always admired her for years. I don’t believe she’s a feminist like sort of safe ruffles.   Her ruffles turn into pleats, tucks, and tough architectural study of lines and proportions and she’s truly fierce. I think she’s one of the not many fully riped free but somehow controlled real avant-garde designers that I know. Her color is black but she gets quirky with shot of pink or most amazing patterns.  She somehow brings newness to her classic recipes and they are surprising and always fun.

There are kind of yards and yards of fabric that so many fashion students and many self called avant- garde designers like to drape and bunch with but It’s tiring. It’s just another yard of fabric. But her artful chaos makes sense as a total. They are even beautiful. Her powerful creativity and rich soul wins over that uneasy feeling you have from seeing something out side of comfort zone.

To celebrate her 40th Anniversary, since the May, Rei kawakubo has opened up pop up stores and a line entitled BLACK in Japan, HK, and Seoul for 18 month period of time.

Starting from June 22nd for only 2 weeks,  Barney’s NY and Colette in Paris will also participate in her guerrilla store event. So go check it out.  It’s another fun thing to do for the weekend.



Maybe the fastest way to get to Calder’s work would be talking about gigantic scale of metal and wire Mobile hanging in JFK airport.  I’m sure we all have seen it. I believe it is the exactly same one used to be at NY Port Authority bus terminal.

Before all of his famous big scaled metal sculpture creations through 40′s, Calder was always an Amante for Circus. In 1923, Calder moved to NY and enrolled himself to Art Students League and got a job illustrating for National Police Gazette. The Job would send him to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus for two weeks for him to sketch circus scenes. This was in 1925. Since then, the circus became his life long interest and after moving to Paris in 1926, he created his Cirque Calder, a miniature complex and unique body of art. The assemblage included diminutive performers, animals, and props.  Calder used wire, leather, cloth and other found materials.

The Parisian Avant-garde would gather in Calder’s studio to watch the mini circus in operation.  We had bought this film, ” Calders Circus” by Roland films on art at Whitney Museum.  This film celebrates his ingeniously articulated tiny wire performers from the female dancer to the roaring lion.  And you can’t deny the intimate vibe of small production and Calder’s witty and wonderful personality lying under every character’s performances.

Calder’s masterfully calm and intricate details in every aspects of miniature circus really make me re think about today’s main stream of commercial art.  Desperately shocking but sadly empty.

Here I’m attaching 4 mt clip from You Tube.



I just watched a documentary movie about this man, Pearl Fryar.

He’s a self taught Topiary Gardener.  In the poorest county in South Carolina, Pearl has single-handedly created an amazing 3-1/2 acre garden from throwaway plants. What an amazing man with passsion and determination. I highly recomend the movie.


It took Pearl four to five years to turn a mushroom-shaped tree into a square one.