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Harajuku and Shibuya are maybe the 2 most famous areas in Tokyo but I just discovered and fell in love with tranquility and maturity of Ebisu in Tokyo.  I met up with Natalia and her Japan office friend, Michelle and her local friends for a drink and dinner for the night. Michelle led us over to a smooth hilly side of Ebisu and it somehow looks bit residential rather than full on neon lighted . You can almost hear foot steps of our group and it feels refreshing.

We walk into this small bar on the corner of the block.  There is more the bar itself than standing room around. We order some sake ( why not we are in Japan!) and the good looking bartender brings out bunch of little panda bears.

“Pandas” from Fukuoka.  Tokyo May 2009

The bartender says they are from Fukuoka. He gives little tap to the bear and you see the transparent sake turns milky.  I think couple taps shock the sake and bring out the texture of the ice.  Now you pop off the top and take a sip right out of it.  It’s frozen but smooth.  Just like frozen margarita.  And it’s delicious!  We may try to freeze some sake this summer?

Sake – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


This book was given to me by my boss and a friend, Iheoma, with a note inside the cover. ” Jaehee, to scratch the itch.” How perfect timing!  Right after another trip to Tulum and another confession about feeling for the place.

The book celebrates the spirit, vision and courage of Gypsetters. The people who have gypsy like free spirit and jet setter like mobility. I may not be financially lucky as many gypsetters in this book, but I dig and relate to their heart, soul and courage to experiment their life in a different way. I feel rush of blood into my head when I dream about what I can do or what we can do as family to have a bit richer and more creative life.

There are some fancy photos in this book but it’s more about the chapters of real people in this book give me butterflies in my stomach. Hemingway, Damien Hirst, Sean Gullette and many others and their eccentric friends and partners to do it together. Everything just remind me of Emiliano and Gael. The ones I love. Ones I share everything with.

Nicolas Malleville in this book, a model who’s based in a small sleepy town, Valladolid, by the way we have visited the town twice and its only about a hour drive from Tulum, Mexico, is the actual one who opened the B&B called Coqui Coqui on the beach front of Tulum and he also has a cafe’ and a perfumery in Valladolid and he lives in a two-room apartment above his perfumery with his girlfriend.  We may even have passed by the place when we were in Valladolid.  Again, it’s his vision to turn a rough into a diamond and it’s his courage to put his vision into an action and the most of all, it’s his spirit, the core of everything to initiate truly inspires us.

GYPSET STYLE by Julia Chaplin